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  1. Good luck! I hope he´ll turn out okay! *Fingers crossed*
  2. Awwww! Such a BEAUTIFUL budgie! I can totally understand why you couldn´t stand to leave her in the pet shop! *Looks at pictures again* So cute!
  3. It is sad to have such a long-time friend pass away... I have a normal sky-blue cock, named Harry who is turning 7 years old in July. I´ve had him since he still had a bit of black on his beak. He´s a crazy fellow.
  4. I agree. I have two male budgies in one cage, and they always stick together and preen each other and feed each other. It´s really cute! Feel happy that they get along, because some budgies don´t, (Laughing out loud).
  5. That´s so sad! May your litle budgie rest in peace.
  6. So cute! :rip: Lutinos are so beautiful!
  7. He´s ADORABLE! :rip: Send in some more photos later, if possible.
  8. That is so shocking! I give you loads of sympathy, that´s so sad :rip: . I hope the chicks hatch! *Fingers crossed*
  9. A couple of years ago, one of my budgies died from swallowing rope, but I don´t think it´ll matter, just as long as you keep an eye on the toy and make sure it isn´t fraying. Cute piccies, by the way! :rip:
  10. Thanks for replying so quickly, (Laughing out loud), I was expecting longer.
  11. (Laughing out loud), I have tried very hard to understand all of that classing stuff, but it kind of didn´t catch with me. I wonder if any of you know what type he is? I want to satisfy my curiosity, hehe. Thankyou. http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii272/T...Quentinblue.jpg
  12. Awww! They´re a very good looking couple!
  13. Tariss


    Luckily, we only once ever had a mouse problem, and even then it wasn´t much of a ¨problem¨. Further back, someone said cheese? I´ve heard somewhere that mice are lactose intolerant or something like that, so I don´t think they´d go for the cheese? Would they? ... Uh... ...Oops.
  14. Congrats on the babies!
  15. We made our nesting boxes. I hope your eggs hatch strong and healthy!
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