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  1. look i have removed the nesting box thanks for the information. my problem is that when i purchased her i was told she was an adult and a year old now i'm not to certain about her true age as i'm not sure how trustworthy this guy was. but i don't want to end up in the same situation as my other pair where i'm not being told she's to old to breed if you know what i mean. but thanks for all the information
  2. i am trying to breed the older one however with the newly purchased hen i was told when i bought her that she was an adult about a year old but i do not exactly trust if this guy had told me her true age but i do know that he had a seperate cage with the baby budgies and the adult budgies, without knowing her exact age is hard
  3. hey i've read that when the hens cere turns brown then she is ready to breed is this necessarily true as the new hen mellow her cere is a dark brown?
  4. okay thanks for the help need to do some shopping. also another question today my male budgie went into the nesting box a couple of times the hen followed but didn't go in is this a sign of a potential interest in breeding thanks
  5. my other pair of budgies which i recently paired up were so cute today. the boy budgie was going to the nesting box and would go in there and the female budgie would go near the box as well but not inside. he did this a couple of times. this was funny as a couple of days ago he seemed to be attacking her looks like he's finally realised he likes her lol
  6. cool thanks for your help, i'll do that now
  7. i've read the FAQ section found some information about nesting materials but i just have another question do i put in the wood shavings in the nesting box now or is thier a specific time or do i leave wood shaving in the cage for the budgies to decide
  8. okay thanks yeah the nesting box has always been in there i guess they believe its furniture funny. definetly will remove it thanks again
  9. hey just wanted to know if budgies require any materials for nesting box e.g. string, wood shavings?
  10. just want to know though because i did get the pair when they were babies why till this day they have never bred however show signs such as feeding each other. her cere is white to light brown it looks a bit crusty
  11. yeah there is another pair on the other side of the aviary which is split in half, they can't get to each other.
  12. i think she might be infertile because for the years i've had her the couple have never bred. hopefully i can get a closer photo but bella is photo shy. Anyway thanks heaps
  13. besides her age is their another way of telling that shes too old? she has never breeded