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  1. Yeah they're all cinnamon as parents are cinnamon. So your monitor is telling you the truth.
  2. Hi, just thought I'd update some photos of my currents chicks. This is the oldest born 16/8...I think could be opaline spangle. http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg257/dek21/P9090014.jpg This is the middle born 18/8...opaline rec. pied. http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg257/dek21/P9090011.jpg This is the youngest born 20/8...yf2 opaline. And this is the three of them together. You can notice the big difference in cinnamon markings between the oldest and the other two. She is very pale compared to them.
  3. Hi there, I thought I'd show a couple of photos of my latest babies. This is mum and dad. This is the babies taken on the 26/8. And this is them taken today. I find it fascinating how quick they grow. So much change in so little time. I think I have all girls this time. The oldest one is very white, but they all have the pied dark patches of skin, so probably all rec. pied too, so dad must be split rec. pied.
  4. Hi there, it's been a while since I was on here. I've got a pair with 3 chicks so far...next one due today if there's going to be anymore (3 eggs left). I was wondering if all the chicks will be cinnamon as both parents are cinnamon. Is there any chance I'll get something else? Hen is Skyblue YF2 Rec. Pied Cinnamon Spangle possibly split Greywing. Cock is Skyblue Cinnamon Opaline (unknown parentage). What's the chance of getting a Opaline Spangle, if any? It's my favourite mutation and I would really like one. Any info appreciated. Thanks
  5. One of my favourite budgies passed away yesterday...very suddenly. No sign of sickness or anything. It's horrible when it comes out of nowhere. At least if they're sick you've got some reason for it and you can try and help them. Cyrus...He was such a pretty bird.
  6. I've followed this thread from the start...and like everyone else I too fell in love with these little birds. So sorry for your loss. :rofl:
  7. You have some gorgeous budgies. :hap: Sorry I can't help with advice on show quality.
  8. This is my current dog, Tikaanii. She is a Siberian Husky X Belgian Shepherd. She's no good as a watchdog and she's dopey as...but I love her anyway. She's got character and manners and moults like nothing I've ever seen, and my daughter and I are allergic, but what can you do...she's family. And this is her in one of her favourite positions... This is my previous dog, Lily. She was a Staffy X Dingo. The smartest dog I've ever known. Unfortunately I had to put her down when she was frightened by a backfiring car and jumped the neighbours fence and the neighbour approached her and she bit the woman. Regrettably it was her second offence and said neighbour demanded I put her down. The council supported her but I made the decision before they could demand it of me. Worst day of my life. This is a photo of her with her puppies. She was a brilliant mother. The father of the puppies was a Ridgeback X Dingo.
  9. Hi, received this email from the company that makes the turkey starter that I buy. Thank you for your enquiry, I hope the following information is useful Turkey Starter Crumbles Ingredients: Lupins, Oats, Wheat, Meatmeal, Fishmeal, Lysine, Pre-Mix (vitamins and minerals) Crude Protein: 18% Water Content: 6.7% AD Fibre: 5% Digestibility: 90% ME MJ/Kg: 13.3% Phosphorous: 0.62% Sulphur: 0.13% Potassium: 0.43% Sodium: 0.08% Calcium: 1.85% Magnesium: 0.12% Copper: 5 ppm Zinc: 57 ppm Manganese: 68 ppm Iron: 150 ppm There are no medicines or medications in any of our products. It's made by a company called Thompson & Redwood Produce Supplies and I buy from a pet store in Midland.
  10. There is no brand label on the bag that I remember as I store it in a bucket and have thrown the bag out. I can try and find out some more info when next I buy some. It's with the stock feed and produce at the bird place I buy it from. Other than that I don't know brand or manufacturer or ingredients but I will try and get that info. I just give it with their seed. It's in pellet form but it does get a bit powdery. If I feel like it I'll try to crush it a bit more and mix with their soft food. But otherwise they just get it when they get seed.
  11. Hi there, For about 12 months I've been feeding my budgies turkey starter. It was suggested to me after I bought a budgie from a breeder who uses it for his birds. Him and his dad have been involved in all sorts of birds for over 20 years. It contains probiotics and such (don't know the exact ingredients). I give it to them with their seed. Has anybody else used this? I haven't had any sickness in my birds (knock on wood) and my chicks are healthy and I've suffered no loses in that regard. I've been reading on the forum about ill health that some people are having with their birds and I wanted to inform people that maybe the turkey starter is a good thing. I have nothing negative to say about it concerning my use of it so thought that maybe it was something that I could put out there for anybody's use or non use. I'm not saying that it's the be all and end all of healthy birds, just maybe something for you to think about or even try.
  12. Just wanted to update on my pair the subject of this topic...well, she abandoned the last of the eggs again just days from when they were on the verge of hatching. She laid a total of 19 eggs in just under 8 weeks and not one did hatch. They are out in the aviary now for a much deserved rest. I'm so disappointed as most of the eggs were fertile. But I suppose that, like humans, you have some that are naturally good parents and some that aren't. I may try her again much later, but I think I'll try and have a better setup (as in foster parents available). Oh well, better luck next time. Thanks for all the advice.
  13. Thank you Renee for the offer of the loan birds, but at present it won't really help with current eggs and I would really like to save these ones if I can. I may take you up on your offer another day if I decide to breed these birds again. I think, with this situation, it will be a matter of a waiting game. All I can do is hope that she can bring this clutch to hatching and get it right. If she abandons these eggs like the last lot I will retire her till next season and maybe try her again then. I'm off the shops to get calcivet this morning. Is there anything else that would benefit the budgies? Thanks everyone for your help.
  14. Unfortunately, I don't have the room to buy any more birds until I get my large aviary up and running, but thank you for the offer.
  15. Yes, they have a calcium bell in the cage. Should I be giving them more than that.
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