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  1. Bubs are doing fine. Last one is a little Yellow face. Peekie is back to normal. Bub one is 21 days old today. Soon be fully feathers and flying soon enough.
  2. Dad seems alright. He's not so good at taking care of the bubs. I've fed the bubs this morning for him in hopes he would do it at lunch time but nope so i had to feed them. Thers a lot more damage done then i had thought. I last fed them at around 12pm and it'n now almost 3 and their crops are still pretty full so i'm guessing peek feed them some.
  3. okay so no pieds but i did get myself a lovely Yellow face. Bad news though. Mom attacked dad leaving dad bloody. Dad is now a single dad to look after the bubs. I fed them this Morning and if dad doesn't feed again by dinner time i'll be feeding again. Poor lilly. Saw her bubs for the last time this morning. I still update my site for anyone who wants pictures.
  4. HI guys. I thinks me got some surprises here (Laughing out loud). Bub one has a lovely white feathered bum/back and the pinnie on his wee head are pretty darn white aswell. I believe i have myself a much wanted pied. I do of course have pictures. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...bs032808038.jpg You can sell jello's white pinnies/feathers here. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...bs032808026.jpg All 5 bubs http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...bs032808037.jpg Jello http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...bs032808051.jpg All bubs again.
  5. sooo sorry not to update you guys. forgot my pass word and was typing in the wrong user name. bub 4 hatched on the 25th and bub 5 this morning. Thats all for now. Not a whole lot going on really
  6. Oh my, such beautiful babies. i'll take baby any day.
  7. Bub 3 is here. All hatching a day earlier then planned. I don't believe egg 4 will hatch as it is probably my odd little egg.
  8. Guess who hatched a day early. That's right. Bub #2. Came home from getting new natural branches, went to check on bub one before bed and he was resting on lilly's wing. Lilly moved and bi shock to see bub 2 there.. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...8/bubtwo005.jpg
  9. Oh yes. I got brave today. Well i think it had to do with there being air in the crop yesterday. I picked the little wiggle worm up and Jello(what we are naming the bub) has a nice big fat crop and no air. i can't believe how small his little feet and wings are. To cute.
  10. Hey guys, Guess what i heard when i woke up this morning. Yup the cute sound of a baby bub. I don't have any picutes yet but i will try to get some later. They are being such good parents. Both Peek and lilly were in the nest today. She is sitting on the bub and it's not crying so i'm assuming its fed. It's soo tiny.and pink and naket. I'd be scared to touch it. knowing me the only time i will touch a bub that small is if the next box needs cleaning and i know it will very soon with bub #1 making a mess and soon to be other bubs making a mess
  11. Sorry to double post but bubs in a day and a bit. i can't sleep thinking about them soon hatching. I candled the eggs once more and the last egg is fertile. it was really kool because i saw something (looked like a vein really) moving. I got some pictures but they are not that good. I'm very confused on one of the eggs. I thought it was Dead in shell because there is a large air sack but i looked at it tonight and the large air sack is still there but there are still veins in there and doesn't really look like the pics of seen of egg that are D.I.S or anything like that. Here's a picture of it. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...lingeggs310.jpg The oddest part is it looks like something is growing in there but the air sack is huge for a little egg. I have very little hopes of it hatching. I was told maybe it's because it's not humid enough but i can't see that being the problem as it's quite humid here and almost always is. Here's a picture of a fertile egg in case anyone wishes to see http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...lingeggs302.jpg over all i'm very excited for these bubs. Today i made a list of things i want bought before they can fly. I'm getting a crawler.( here's a picture of it in case people don't know what i'm talking about http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/susantuck/Craw...minicrawler.jpg ) I'm ordering in some stuff to make a small odd ball for each bird cage. I had one made before but my smarty pants rabbit decided since it was on the floor it was his to chew. (odd ball in case someone don't know what it is http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...ys/P9110973.jpg ) And i also have a small boing ordered. Spoiled birds. I'll post again once a baby hatchs to try and not triple post.
  12. 5 -6 days till first bub should hatch. Plans are almost set so they can have the full double flight cage to fledge in. with any luck there will be 3-4 bubs. Unsure if egg 5 is fertile yet.
  13. Worst nest box you can possibly get in my opinion ( although it is easier and probably does last longer then those wooden ones). They do indeed have a concave. Because they are plastic if you don't use a good layer of bedding poo from the babies will stick to there toes. I don't think i will ever use this box again. I will either buy expensive metal one with wooden concaves/ bottoms or make one. I actually it at a pet store here. They actually look like this(i'll work at getting a picture of mine to help) http://www.atjemsplace.com/PlasticNestBox.jpg Heres a site that sells them. Only site i've found that does. http://www.birdsupplynh.com/catalog/produc...c482a1b5b9165dd 12.50 for them isn't bad. I paid about $20 for mine.
  14. I was candling at about 5 days old but as i'm not experience at this i missed what i should have been looking for. I however did candle them again at about 8 - 10 days old and saw what i should. A weird looking bub thing inside. As to date i clearly know two eggs are fertile. I have the numbers mixed up on the eggs. As of right now i have 2 #4 and no #2 so i'm just guessing here now but i know Egg #1 is fertile and i'm assuming Egg #2 is as well because of how developed it was in the egg. Egg three is questionable. Where the yoke is, there is a small round redish thing in there. I'm assuming this is the start of a bub. Egg 4 & 5 is to early for my unexperienced eyes to tell. By the time i can, i believe egg 1 will be hatching so i really don't think i will bother. Did i mention she laid egg 5 yesterday. I believe she is going to lay egg 6 tomorrow. I personally think 5 is a lot to sit on. Hoping a ton she doesn't lay to many more. Here is some pics of the proud mom with her egglets. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...008/eggs431.jpg She really went crazy with lining her nest with feathers. When ever you open the side doors they just pop out at you. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...008/eggs426.jpg Checking her eggs. Sitting on 5 eggs sure doesn't seem easy. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...008/eggs425.jpg Asking peek for some food. She has kicked out a lot of the care fresh bedding. Hoping once the bubs hatch she will keep more in there so the babies droppings stick to the care fresh rather then the babies toes. I've noticed this as well trying to fix spelling errors. Thankfully i found a spell check.
  15. Sorry about that maesie. Always thought double posting was posting the same thing over and over again We have two fertile eggs as of tonight. First one looks fertile and i don't know the other because i have the numbers mixed up. I belive it may be #2. We also now have 5 eggs. I hope she stops now. first egg is due to hatch on the 20th/ 21th. I'll be back in a few days with another update. My site will always be updated every two days or so.
  16. Alright. not much interest left to this forum. i seem to be alone here (Laughing out loud). I'll update on my site from now on but for now Egg #4 is here. arrived some time from 10:30am and 1:07 pm. Here's some pics of my sweet lilly and her eggs. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...008/eggs388.jpg http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...008/eggs389.jpg http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...008/eggs390.jpg And one of peeking guarding his nest from intruders (haha me) http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...008/eggs387.jpg
  17. Egg #4 is due today. I'm just waiting for lilly to come out of the nestbox to take a quick peek in. I'm not sure any of the egg are fertile. Egg two looks like a huge no. Egg one i'm unsure of. I couldn't clearly see in it but i also didn't see any viens. Egg 3 is way to early to tell. I guess it's going to be a huge surprise if any hatch.
  18. Sad new guys. I just candled the first and second egg and they both appear to be clear. I'm not giving up hope as it's still possible. I've never did something like this before and maybe i'm just missing something but i don't think the outcome will be very good. I will give it a try again in a week on egg one two and three to see if i can see anything(or eve looks different then it did today) then and if not i well i guess it wasn't ment to be and i'm alright with that. Who knows tho, Maybe i'm just blind. If this is the case and they all turn out clear i'll let her keep them till she gives up on them and then stick them back in with the flock. Hoping i can get one baby from this pair.
  19. Egg #3 appeared today. Theres some blood on it. hope this isn't a huge problem. Lilly seems fine. pics later today
  20. That is a beautiful picture. Her and the candle match colors =P
  21. Thanks all. I have another cute one to go with that shot. She looks so different now. Poor gal had scaly face not long after that picture and it is finally gone and gone for good. Now she has brown (seed dust i guess) stained cheeks. Not dark brown more like a tan color.
  22. Enna

    Cage Setups

    Arg, messed up. Tried to edit top post but messed up so i will add here. For the top cage i'd persoanally never add more then 12- 14 budgies with lots of out time and max i'd ever put in the bottom cage is 10. While i'm at it heres another cage i had. It's a pretty common cage. http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...es/P7221077.jpg Max i'd put in here myself is six but Others think 8 is great. i've seen someone have and it with 8 and there was to much squabaling for my liking Heres another i used for the tiels but sold. Horrible double stacked cage. Very hard at assemble. You can only see the top 1/2 but you get the idea. 4 budgies would go in here nicely with out time http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa143/F...es/P7221082.jpg
  23. Thats the exact reason i started my online journal. I think i may print it out once everything is all done. I did how ever get to mark it while mom was out taking a quick two min fly around and then it was straight back in with her little eggies. I didn't think the #1 i had put on the first egg stayed there until today. as i was marking #2 i moved egg one just enough to see my little #1 there. With any luck Egg #3 On cookie(bunnys) birthday (march 6th). Hoping the first egg hatches around the 20/21th and i am hoping a ton lilly will feed the poor thing. She's being a absolutely amazing mom so far so i think everthing will work out.
  24. Well i'm finally home again. Busy day. Cookie the rabbit got dropped off at the vets to get Fixed and we are just getting home from picking him up. I still need to mark a #2 on it if i can tell the difference if not i'm just going to leave it. There are pics on the site of the eggies. If you enlarge them and look close you may just see a little something peeking in, in the background (Laughing out loud)
  25. Well egg #1 is no longer a lonely egg. #2 appeared some time from 8am to 2 pm. Lilly is being such a good mom. She is sitting tight but she will come out for me to check the eggs as soon as i open the side door to the cage.
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