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  1. That raises another issue. I have tried all sorts of vegies - carrot, celery, brocoli, banana etc. both as small individual pieces, and also as a pureed mix. they have never touched anything other than their seed (which they eat heaps of going by the mess they make over the floor...) I even tried to take away the seed for a day and only have a couple of dishes of different vegies and fruit. They didn't seem to have touched any any when I put the seed dish in the next day - they both dived in head first and didn't even seem to come up for breath. Advice on that too would be helpful...
  2. Hi It's been a while since I've been on here - not enough time to juggle work & kids... Anyway, I have been trying to give Benny & Charlie a "Natural" environment with gum tree branches & Grevillea branches. However, they don't seem to like them. I have them pegges to the sides of the cage & hanging from the roof, I thought they might use them like a swing. All they seem to want to do is sit on the perch and go out of their way to avoid the branches by climbing around the outside of the cages rather than fly across from perch to perch. I have the brances at varying height
  3. Hi I have mentioned my boys Charlie & Benny really seem to love each other. I am just curious about some of the behavious they are displaying. They are nearly always sitting side by side - even though they have a huge cage with a variety of perches and branches - and seem to be constantly preening each other. If I take one out without the other - they seem to call out for each other. It is a loud single chirp, then the other replies with a single chirp and the first chirps again etc. I am trying to give them seperate time out of the cage as I am trying to bond them individually to D
  4. They are sooooooo cute.. look like a punk rocker budgie having a bad hair day...
  5. Hi Further to Lilysbudgie's topic on mites... When I got my 2 budgies last weekend, I did buy a pack of "essentials" from the pet shop. It was only $25 all up, so I figure if it was not great waste if it was useless, but it did seem okay value if it was good to use. I hope photo comes out okay... Anyway, I have read info on the packets, but some questions still remain unanswered. re worm stuff - says to administer 2 doses, 14 days apart, but doesn't say how often they should need dosing (would it be every 3months like dogs & cats?) Re mite & lice spray - again packaging explains
  6. Hi Kristy You have the same cage as me, and I just have the 2 budgies in mine (like you - I may get more one day) I am lucky enough to have lots of trees at home - gums, grevillias, banksias etc -and I grab some fresh foliage each day and fix it to the roof. My boys love to hang from the leaves, like a natural swing I guess. Also I hide little treats like bits of corn cob, broccoli, grated carrot etc around different places. Gives them a little treasure hunt.
  7. Maybe I am the long lost quad everyone forgot about.... I admit I treat myself once every 4 to 6 weeks and go to one of those little foot spa places to get my feet de-scaled. (would be the worst place on earth to work). **** I know, off topic.... Anyway - back to the topic.... thanks for the opinions - I did give my boys a nice little filtered sunny spot under a gum tree. They didn't actually get off the perch to touch the grass. Will try to make it a regular thing for them so they get used to it. One day, I might end up with more budgies and decide to put them outside for good. I fig
  8. Hi NickNack - Sounds like you live in Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. Do you have a chocolate river too??? Maesie - yes, I had just meant the tray and I pull the smaller leaves out through the wire. Will take birds inside later and give cage a proper clean down.
  9. Thanks maesie & all for clarifying. Sorry to have repeated question on age, but there were a few conflicting opinions previously. (starting with the pet shop saying they should be between 6 to 14 WEEKS) Doesn't really bother me so much as they are both really settled in, even Benny - although he is much more settled when with Charlie. Deb
  10. I thought I would let my indoor boys see what life is like outside. I wheeled the whole cage out - figured it was also an easier way to clean out all the old branches and tray etc without making such a mess inside. Anyway, the boys seem to be quite enjoying the fresh air and sunshine and listening to all the other wild birds around. (hope they don't get jealous and not like being indoor budgies anymore) I was just wondering whether it would be okay to take the cage off the stand and sit it on the grass? Would they eat the grass, is it good or harmful to them - you can hardly see Charlie in
  11. Hi Michelle,Great to find fellow Brisbane-ite. Seems to be too few of us around. Love my boys - only had them 6 days (last Sunday) and am still learning so much about them. Deb. Thanks Kaz. Both budgies actually have green tags (2007 sometime). Just wondered if any way of knowing if he may be nearer end of 2007 (4-5mths old) or early 2007 (13 -14 mths old)Will take up your advice on "scaly face". What it is/what causes it??? is there a specific type of oil that is best to use?Thanks
  12. Hi again, I am hoping I have a clear enough photo now of Benny for someone to confirm if he is a he and not a she. Hopefully it is scaled down enough but still clear enough. Also any idea of age would be great. I know Charlie is older but again don't know how much older. Opinions would be appreciated. Photo again of Charlie http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg219/b...ies/Charlie.jpg Thanks heaps Deb
  13. I have been experimenting a bit with out of cage time for Charlie and Benny. My kids toy room is usually scattered with blocks & leggo. Mine seem to love just hopping onto things and climbing things. I made a little stairway out of leggo and Charlie was pretty quick to climb to the top. "I'm the king of the castle" type thing. Also I find if I take them out separately, they seem to call out for each other, and not really interested in anything. If I have them both out together, they seem to play a lot more.
  14. Sounds so much like the same conversations I have with my 2 yo (human child) boys speech therapist. He was a very late talker - at 2 yrs only had 5 or so words. I learnt so much about word construction - "Early developing" (easy) sounds (b,k,t,d), more difficult "later developing sounds" (s, z, sh, j, ch, th, v). I guess if you apply the same principals to budgies and start with single words first then expand on it. It has worked wonders with my son. In six months his talking has progressed from only a couple of words to short sentences. Try simple words - bikky was one of his early w
  15. Charlie & Benny take turns talking / whistling to each other - mostly when they are out of the cage. I let them out in the kids play room where there is always lots of toys and blocks scattered. Just like having 2 more kids really. I thought this morning they were having a real game of "Hide & seek". They were sitting on the back of the lounge for a while, then Charlie flew off and hopped behind a box & let out a couple of chirps. Benny chirped back, then Charlie, then Benny. Could almost imagine them saying "Come find me" "Where are you" "Here I am" .