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  1. I can't say I have ever heard any stories like that, but how wonderful for your mum. I love Kookaburras.
  2. Thanks KAZ. Is it okay to use for the short time it's in the cage with the fruit / vege's in ? She honestly won't eat them out or off anything else. It's hard enough getting our head around the fact she is a girl so I don't want eggs LOL We still call her "he " , it just suits her and sounds right. LOL
  3. Thanks KAz that's the funny thing though. She wouldn't touch them in anything else I have tried. Until this nice shiny metal dish came on the scene. She loves it ! I will just have to be very religious in removing it as soon as the veges have gone. thanks again
  4. I have noticed last night and today that my female budgie has taken to squashing herself into a metal dish that hangs on the side of her cage for veges. Is this some sort of behaviour leading up to laying an egg. It obviously won't be fertilised as she is a single budgie but I don't really want her to go to all the effort of laying an egg for no reason. I usually take it out after she has finished the veges but hadn't gotten around to it this morning. Thanks for your advice.
  5. Thanks for your answers. I will attempt to get a better photo tomorrow. Jack is a bit camera shy On the topic of him actually being a her, I thought that females didn't talk ? She sits nattering away to herself all day. She has quite a good vocabulary. Will never talk when we stand there but if she can't see us happily says all her words.
  6. I was just reading another topic and saw a photo of a bird with scaley face. I am a bit worried that my bird may have it and I didn't even realise This photo was taken in November but the only change is that the cere is more a lightish brown now as opposed to the dark. Oh and we bought our bird as a male but I suspect you will confirm for me that "Jack" is actually a female http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3119/325236...2a5ee9621_o.jpg
  7. I actually have nothing but praise for the vets at that centre. I had reason to see them 3 times in a month at the end of last year, although it was with chickens and not our budgie. Everyone we dealt with was wonderful. With regards to the costs, I guess $300 certainly is a lot of money for small birds but really the size of the pet shouldn't change the fact that these are specialists in their field. It may seem to us that they didn't do much to earn that money but we are paying also for their knowledge and experience. I have no hesitation in taking our budgie there.
  8. Thanks Jimmy. He is otherwise his normal old self.
  9. No he isn't losing all the time. It was happening when I posted that last topic but then started again around Thursday of last week. It has been insanely hot and humid here so I was just wondering if that could be the cause. If I was a bird I'd be wanting to get rid of some feathers to cool down lol :rofl:
  10. Just thought I'd bring this topic up again as he is losing feathers again at an alarming rate :rofl: Could it be due to the heat we have been having in Brisbane the past couple of weeks ? Or is it possible he is unwell ? Thanks for your guidance :rofl:
  11. I love the photos. You look really scary ! :hug:
  12. I am far far far away from being an expert but have you tried leaving a radio on for him when you are not there of a daytime. Try a talkback channel (4BC in Brisbane). Our little guy loves it. I am not sure of the whole quarantine thing but I am in Brisbane (on the Northside) and would be very willing to look after him for you when needed if that helped. It's so hard finding someone you trust to look after your pets when you go away isn't it. My parents look after our budgie when we are away but he doesn't get out of his cage while we are gone and I feel terrible about it. Though it's safer than him being lost or scared by my mother who is terrified of flying birds LOL :hug:
  13. Just thought I'd give an update. I never did get around to taking a photo sorry. We have been away for the weekend and I have come home to a punk bird :rofl: He looks hilarious with lots of new spikey feathers coming through. Very cute :rofl: . thanks again for all your help.
  14. Ours sleeps on his swing. It is almost as though that is his bed. When I pick up the cloth to cover his cage, usually no matter where he is or what he's doing when I say "It's time for bed now, goodnight, hop on your swing" he does Very cute. Mind you I tried to peek in on him from the back of the cage once just to have a look and he went crazy. Flying all over the cage and screeching. I must have scared him
  15. Thanks everyone for all the helpful replies. I don't think it is mites. He did have these not long after we got him and was treated. I have looked as closely as I can, without actually holding him (happy to sit on my shoulder etc and talk but god help me if I try and pick him up :hap: ) I will try and take a photo tomorrow. I have been offering veges but he just doesn't seem to be interested in them. I have sprinkled seed on them also. I have tried apple, carrot (a piece and grated) capsicum, cherry tomato, cucumber and pear. CaspersRose I understand what you mean totally. When I get up in the morning I am expecting him to be bald LOL :laughter: Yes he is also losing tail feathers.
  16. Good afternoon I hope this is the correct area and is not a silly question My budgie is losing heaps of feathers I am not talking one here and there, I mean heaps. I could stuff a cushion with them Is this just a normal moult or could there be something wrong. He is eating, drinking and pooing normaly. Also talking and singing as usual. Could it be because we are coming into the warmer weather ? I am not sure how old he is. We bought him at the beggining of March and were told then he was about 6 weeks. But after posting photo's here at the time the general consensus was that he was younger. Anyway, I just wanted to check that it is a normal episode and I don't need to rush him to the vets Thanks
  17. Thanks again. Yes the best decision for my home is not to risk killing my mate LOL
  18. I have decided not to risk it. I couldn't stand it if something happened to him (actually a her,but that's another story lol) Thanks for all the differing views though.
  19. Firstly so nice to be back. I had something happen to my computer and lost all my login info. I have only found this afternoon where I had written down my details. I've ,missed you all I was wondering if it is okay to burn a lemon essential oil in the house near a budgie ? Thanks
  20. Our little boy (fingers crossed) Jack has started to nip so badly that I am getting scared of him. It has been a gradual thing over about the last 2 weeks. My daughter, whose bird he is, is too terrified now to handle him and I am getting that way myself. He doesn't just nip anymore he looks like he is trying to tear me apart. Very aggressive. What can I do. We haven't changed our behaviour towards him except now I silently take a very deep breath and prepare for pain when ever I have to pick him up. I am at the stage where I don't even want to get him out of his cage but that really upsets me because the only reason I agreed to get a budgie was if he was out of the cage for extended periods. I do not want a bird that is confined. I feel mean (and apologies to those whose birds are, this is just my personal feelings) Please help us. what can or should we be doing ? Michelle
  21. Thanks Elly. That photo is without flash. I stopped using the flash when it was changing his colours too much. I will try and get another one a bit better. Michelle
  22. Here is one taken yesterday. I have also started a new post with a closeup photo to see if he is actually a boy or a girl. Michelle
  23. okay KAZ now I am begging you - please show some picture's of an ugly bird. That photo of the chick just getting feathers is too cute. The others all look amazing. You are not helping my growing budgie addiction at all ! Michelle
  24. Just wondering if this photo is clear enough (had to crop in close) to be able to tell yet if Jack is infact a boy or a girl ? Thanks Michelle
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