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  1. i am a bit sad today, houdini has gone off to his forever home with my parents. my cockatiel keeps calling him, it is strange, he was only here for a couple of weeks but i grew really attatched to him. i guess i am not the only one!
  2. thank you all, the cage is only temporary, the cage used to house 2 gouldian finches but they both died last year, they were about 6 yrs old and that is a good age apparently. Houdini will be going to live with my parents, they have a large country property and a good sized avery on thier back verandah(that came with the house when they bought it last year). the Avery is currently empty, but they are going to give it a good clean and put some new perches and stuff in it and houdini and some friends will move in.
  3. http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj298/p.../houdini001.jpg http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj298/p.../houdini003.jpg http://i275.photobucket.com/albums/jj298/p.../houdini006.jpg here are a couple of photos, i hope the links work, again thanks for the support. the top photo is wacky my cockatiel, he is almost 18!! and he pretty much rules our house. he has never been a big cage bird, he uses his cage to sleep or if i go out but when i am working at home he is always out.
  4. hi i have some great photos but i am not sure how to post them in here. i have a feeling that the bird, Houdini is his name, was taken from him mum really young and he is having some developmental problems. he seems to have trouble grooming and has no fear of our dog. i have taken him to the vet and the vet is not really sure about his age. i usually take my birds to an avian vet specialist but he is a long drive away and i didn't want to stress the bird out. i am confident that he is healthy, his vents are clean and his droppings are normal birdy poos :bluebudgie: thank you for your advise it is really appreciated. i have had bigger parrots before and i have an old cockatiel but budgies are a completely new thing.
  5. Hi, i recently rescued a budgie, his family decided they didn't want to wait for him to grow up and dumped him in a park. when i heard this i went to the park and found the budgie sitting terrifyed on the ground. i bought him home, put him in a cage and have found him a new home. i believe he is around 13 or 14 weeks old, he still has grey down on his wings. i say he but it is a guess at the moment. his crop is brown near the beak but it is turning a bright blue at the top. i have rescued birds for the past few years but always larger members of the parrot family, i have an 18 yr old cockatiel who i have had since he was a couple of days out of the egg. my question is the budgie seems to be chewing on the bars of the cage, it is a decent size cage for one bird, he has a great appetite and natural timber perches to chew on but he seems intent on chewing on the bars! i am worried he is going to damage his beak. he had a mirror but decided that feeding it was a good idea so i have taken that away and replaced it with a bell, now he feeds me when i put my hand in his cage, he will sit on my hand and feed my thumb. is this normal for such a young bird?? any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you
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