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  1. okay mate thank you will buy some eggs and boil them.
  2. G'day A friend told me about giving chicken spoiled boiled eggs to budgies and there babies to help them grow faster. What I would like to know is this true can you? Thank You
  3. Yea well the ones I thought were fertile were white and the others that I thought were infertile were like a cream pinkish color like it said in the faq which i followed.
  4. I don't remember saying that she did lay every 2nd day? thats becaise I never said she did. The eggs were laid between 26th and the 1st.
  5. okay for the third time I will say this my hen laid everday for 5 days.
  6. My hen laid an egg every day for 5days; you didn't think to take that into account did you. 5 days from the 26th is the 1st last egg laid on the 1st 5 days from the 1st is what? The 6th. I will wait for your apology but I won’t hold my breath.
  7. no i dont the last egg was laid on the 1st and the first on the 26th so I don't. 5 days later from the 1st is what? the 6th. what is today?
  8. yeah it it been 5 days today. for the last egg.anway I put them back they hadn't been out for long. so should still be alright if they are fertile as its not cold here.
  9. the eggs were nearly 2 weeks old and it says in the FAQ 5 days and what to look for.
  10. I seen a dark figure in some of them and the rest were clear so I throw out the ones that were clear. Like it said in the FAQ.O never mind she finally decided to sit about time.
  11. I look in the cage that is all I don't keep checkin the next box itself and then when I check the cage i don't do anything just go up to it and look in or from a distance I look in.this dark like figure in them but some were like clear with like air pockets so I tossed them out.
  12. 5 well there wasnope i barly touch the nest box. I may check it once a day some times not even that. mostly every 2nd day.
  13. because every time I go in there to check or do something else shes not in the box and also the eggs aint warm.
  14. 26-4 started and I did the thing with the light.
  15. My hen isn't sitting on the eggs she laid what should I do? yes they are fertile.
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