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  1. I just add this post to say thank you to everyone that helped me years ago with Gumpy. He became a great bird, much loved and he was so tame and just beautiful. Unfortunately he died today, I believe of a heart attack. No one ever thought he was going to live for that long. He was soooo great. He will be deeply missed. I wanted to thank the forum as well, as I could find some photos that I lost, because my old computer had crashed. Without this forum I wouldn't have the photos anymore. Thank you.
  2. I believe you are absolutely right. I do believe it's his only way to say, what he doesn't like. But now, that he also did experience nice things, he does now enjoy the good things as well, while before he was biting. So every afternoon I take him out, and he just wants to be near my hand and sleeps. Sometimes he wants to be cuddled and sometimes not. I don't force him. But I am happy the way we are now. If he gets any tamer than that even better. And sometimes he doesn't want to come out at all, so I just leave him. Thank you all for all your help with Gumpy.
  3. Hi everyone It's been a long time you heard from me and it's been a big journey for Gumpy and me. We had to move and he was for a short time around a dog as well. He was really good with all that. But what never stopped was his biting. Anyway, I got used to it. I still took Gumpy out. Let him crawl around. But his flying around was getting really scary. He flew into walls and flew uncontrolled. Remember, Gumpy got splayed legs. So he can't control the flying. So I took him to a pet shop and these guys really helped me heaps before. And they suggested not just to cut one wing. To cut both. So he can't fly at all. The danger to hurt or kill himself otherwise was too big. It nearly broke my heart and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE WHO HAS A BIRD THAT CAN FLY NORMAL AND CAN CONTROL FLYING!!!! But in Gumpy's case we had to do this. As I said, it nearly broke my heart. But at the end, now I am really happy. Gumpy has turned 180 degrees into another bird. Just a day after he was seeking attention in a way he never did before. I offered him my hand and he crawled onto it (never happened before). So I took him out. Since that day my hand is his best friend. He sleeps in my hand, he loves my hand. He wants to be touched with my hand. He literally digs his head into my hand, trying to get attention. He still doesn't like my fingers, but he loves my hand. When I take him out, he makes noises I have never ever heard before and he only does those noises when I take him out. Once he sees my hand, he stops with the noises. Seems like he is calling my hand. His wings are growing back again slowly, but I hope to get him to a stage, where he will trust so he doesn't fly away again and hurt himself. that way I won't have to get his wings cut again. I know it sounds brutal, but otherwise Gumpy would have been a cage bird and I didn't want that. And him flying around uncontrolled because he can't land or control where he is flying into, it just became way to dangerous for him. I never thought this whole excersise would change him so much. Into positive. :parrot: It's only been like two weeks now. But the changes are enormous. At one stage my husband even rang me and said, he opened Gumpy's cage and Gumpy just "jumped" into his hand. As I said earlier, if your bird is normal and has no disabilities, please do not cut his wings. I believe Gumpy is heaps less stressed, talks heaps more. Isn't as scared anymore as he used to be. He doesn't shake anymore in my hands. All around it's been very positive. Finally after one year having Gumpy it seems we can finally become good friends and trust each other.
  4. I actually do use a little towel for the bath. It's the only way also to take him out of the cage. But I figured out a way today. When he is hanging up in the cage, I just place my hand underneath. He doesn't bite. He is then okay. So I have to teach him now to walk up my hands. we had a lot of training today. And he seems all happy and is talking like a champion. I am sure we will get there slowly. The more patient I am the better the result will be. He actually doesn't fly away of my hand. Which is a good sign. Only when I start walking he starts to panik. But the second time we did the same, he kept in my hands. Millet is a good helper. Thanks everyone for all your help. It's great.
  5. Thank you so much for all your advise. I think I have a lot to learn. And it will be a slow process because when I put my flat hand in with millet on it, he bit my hand straight away. I haven't got very big fingers or a big hand. Actually very skinny, so it really hurts. But i have to learn to keep my hand there even it hurts. I am sure that Gumpy will learn. He is very scared of new things but at the same time adventures to discover too. But I have to be very patient. I also know that Gumpy went through an attack by another bird while he was still in the aviary. And I am sure that might makes him scared of a lot of things as well. But I think it's a start to just put my hand in flat with millet on it and wait. I am sure Gumpy and I will get there. and I am patient.
  6. I gave him once a mirror with a little bell underneath. But that's when all the biting started. But yes you are right too. Because I always see Gumpy biting his feet. Specially one foot. The one he can hardly use. Maybe I should give him a toy again. It must be hard for him to live the way he does. That's why I want to make him happy. Everybody loves him because he is so cute. But everybody is also surprised he is still alive. But I really do look after him and care for him.
  7. I haven't posted for a while and just wanted to give all your good helpers an update. It is an up and down with gumpy. What I realised is, that when I put my fingers to the cage and try to cuddle him on his chest, he usually bites. Not all the time. Sometimes he likes it. When I try to get him out of the cage, he really gets nasty. But once on my hand, he starts to settle down. Remember Gumpy can't just fly out of the cage or walk (he got splayed legs). I can't teach him the up, because he can't walk. When I put my hand into the cage, he is actually quite okay. But as soon as a finger goes near him, he starts biting. But when I put just one little millet in between my fingers, he eats happily out of them. Occasionally he gets a little fit and starts biting. Not actually biting, he makes all weird moves around my finger and bites a bit. After a while he settles down and then he starts eating again. But then when I try to touch him again with my fingers, he starts biting straight away. Why is he scared of my fingers but not of my hand. Also I realised that he is sometimes still shaking. I believe, even it's been quite a while now, that Gumpy is still scared. He loves sitting on my hand watching the fish in the fish tank, but when I then move and walk away from there he starts shaking. But as soon as I put him back into the cage, he actually wants to come out again. He sits there talking and waiting. But when I then actually do the attempt to take him out again, he bites. It's like he doesn't know what he wants. Gumpy has his bed time. He goes to bed when the sun goes down. He is during the day where the action is happening and at nighttime he is going into my bedroom and I put a dark towel over him. Even he always wakes up when I go to bed. I used to play with him then too, but I think he just should sleep, so I just talk to him. Say good night. He knows I am there. I could imagine one thing why Gumpy might be scared. Because he is actually living on his belly, I have to give him a bath from time to time. Even I clean the towels he is living on every day, to make sure no germs are building up, he still gets some poops onto his belly. When they are easy to get off, I just use some water and remove them. But sometimes I have to bath him. He doesn't like it at all. But how else could I wash him? But I think that might be the reason that he is scared
  8. Cool. I am glad he is a male. I will take some more photos of him and will enter one for the budgie of the month. He is so cute, so who knows. Thanks for all your help.
  9. Gumpy was born in october. But I am glad to hear you believe it's a male. That is giving me heaps of hope that I can teach Gumpy to stop biting. He is really cute. His sister too. I have to take photos of his sister as well. She is cute too. Her name is Silly. As I always keep things simple. We have Willy, the male. Lilly and Milly. Willy had babys with Milly which are Silly and Gumpy. Only reason for Gumpys name is, because he is special. So I named him after Forrest Gump, because Gumpy can't run. I will take some pictures soon of the whole flock. We had to seperate Silly because she attacked Lilly really badly when she fell in love again with Willy. So we had to take her out. But then Milly started to fight Lilly badly as well when Lilly had eggs. We acutally would need another male. But Gumpy can't do the job of course. So I give Gumpy all the love I can. You need to tell me more about that contest. I will for sure take more photos because Gumpy is really cute and special
  10. And I always thought I was a computer expert, but that took me a while.Anyway. I took those photos in december but the cere of Gumpy hasn't changed much. It's sometimes a little bit more blue but then changes back again to what it is one the photos. Don't forget, Gumpy has got splayed legs. I am trying to figure out what's the best home for him/her. If I would build a cage one meter high, he would climb to the highest point but also fall from high too. But I saw Gumpy happy in a "not recommended" birdcage because he can climb but not walk or fligh. Tried a wide cage. But Gumpy just sits there and seems unhappy. It's a high maitenance bird, because I have to clean him every day to make sure, there is no germs building up on his belly. But I love Gumpy and hope to make him happy in his not so fortunate live. So I try to give this very special bird everything. Hope you can tell me if it's going to be a male or a female. I can tell you that Gumpy is listening well. Is picking up noises from other birds. Noises from me and my husband. Talks somehow, but I can't understand yet what he is saying. Still call it a he. But I think it might be a female.
  11. Hi Just wanted everyone to let know, that Gumpy is doing better. I realised when I take him outside and have him next to me, he is okay. He just doesn't really like yet to be touched. But we are getting there. Slowly. I just spend as much time as possible, so he is getting used to me more and more. Anyway. Maybe somebody is able to tell me if Gumpy is going to be a male or a female. His sister is definately a female, as she was fighting with the other females in the avory. And her cere is really dark brown. Even she is only five months old. But Gumpy's cere is very different and still looks the same. A little bit of blue is shining through the pink. So I really don't know what Gumpy is going to be. Maybe somebody else can help me with that. I wanted to post some photos but couldn't figure it out, as I can't link to a website, but that's what it asks for, when I click to enter an image.
  12. Hi Elly Thanks for that. I definately will read your budgie training. This morning and also yesterday when I got up and went to Gumpy and opened the cage, he was sticking his head out. I can cuddle him for a little while on its head. He loves it. But when I go back again he starts biting straight away. It's strange. I believe I have a lot of work to do to tame Gumpy.
  13. me again. hmmmm gumpy hasn't changed. he is still biting a lot. i did actually realise, that gumpy must be scared. he is also shaking sometimes. how can a bird suddenly be scared, while he was happy before to be cuddled. or could it be that gumpy was always scared but wasn't brave enough to bite. i have been trying to work with gumpy and teach him when he is good or bad. i realised, he doens't react on the word "no" but he does react on the word "bad". so when gumpy is good and he doesn't bite, it give him millet. you reckon that can be a go? i can hardly take him out the cage anymore, without getting attacked like mad. or maybe it is just the moult stage, but how long does that last for? He is such a lovely bird and i really would like to give him a long and happy life
  14. I am so happy to get those responses. Gumpy is bye the way three month old. Close to getting four months. So it sounds like you are all right. I actually did take a little toy out yesterday. I gave Gumpy a little mirror with a bell underneath. He loves it. Or she. So I thought, maybe it just loves it so much, that Gumpy is protecting it as well. So today, Gumpy still bites, and yes I am trying not to pull back, but I think Gumpy is a little bit less aggressiv. I might leave the toy out until Gumpy is more used to be handled and then give him the toy back. I really hope one day he will stop biting. Or at least not so hard. I see what will happen in a month time and see if things will change again to the way Gumpy used to be. Cute and loving.
  15. Hi I am new in this forum, but I really do hope I will get some help. It is an unusal entry, because I actually rescued my budgie. We do have four other budgies, well we had actually three, but they had babies, so we have five. One of the babies though just appeared to be handicaped. But we couldn't really see what was going on, until we undid the whole nest and realised, that he couldn't walk. I made a lot of research on the internet and found out, that he had splayed legs. But the budgie was already four weeks old. Too late to do anything about the splayed legs. So we took him out of the big cage and I looked after him. Or maybe her. we don't know yet. Anyway. The bird, we call him Gumpy, after Forrest Gump, was very tame. I could feed him without any problems. He was really happy. At least seemed happy. But suddenly Gumpy started to bite. I gave Gumpy a nice environment, so he wouldn't have any trouble to eat. Drinking was a bit of a problem for a while, so I gave Gumpy water, which I still do sometimes, but in the meantime he also learned to drink. I always looked after Gumpy well. Never treated him wrong. Always talk to him. Sing to him. Feed him goodies he likes. But now I can't even take Gumpy out of the cage anymore without getting bitten, which I used to be able to do without any problems. I don't know what to do anymore. I can't follow any suggestions that are given, because Gumpy has splayed legs. He doesn't seem to be in pain or anything. He is climbing around in the cage, he could figure out ways to do that. He just can't walk. Why did Gumpy suddenly start biting I wonder? He is okay for a little while in the morning and likes "cuddle" on the head. But when I leave, even for a couple of minutes and go back, Gumpy starts biting. Would be great if anyone could help me with Gumpy
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