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  1. Could some one please tell me how to see all replies for a particular topic in expanded way...now I could see only the initial topic post in expanded form and below that I see replies in one line as in the form of a tree structure....in order to view each reply to this topic, I need to click on each of them...which is time consuming. Thanks
  2. Wish you all and your family a very happy Merry Christmas and New Year

  3. Thanks and Wish you all a very happy new near. :thumbs_up:
  4. Thanks to everyone for the wishes. Here is my wishes to you all and your family members a very happy and prosperous Merry Christmas and New Year.
  5. Thanks Daz and no need to be sorry at all. Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Merry Christmas and New Year
  6. MB and Liv, one of my friend has a microwave and agreed to help me on this. Could you please tell me what option/setting we need to select in microwave for 20 seconds.
  7. Neat still I haven't made one nest box and once done surely will try to show some pictures to you all. Here in my place I am finding little difficulty in finding the right skilled person with all the necessary tools. Soon will try my best to show you all few pictures, please kindly bear with me.
  8. Thanks Kaz for clarifying this to me.
  9. Thanks Liv and Renee. Okay Liv will boil it for 5 minutes and how about B, boiled egg shells. So you are saying that membrane is not good/safe and if so I am back to my initial stages.
  10. Very interesting thread Kaz. My guesses for baby 3 and 6 were wrong. Looking forward to know the difference between baby 2 and baby 3, they both look similar and also baby 3 cere colour is pale pink, so thought girl. Also got confused with baby 6, since the nostrils were narrow thought it is male and since cere colour was pale pink that made me to rethink as female. Kind request to moderators, I think this thread is very much worth to pin. :fear
  11. Below is a portion taken from FAQ Sexing Budgies Another indicator is the shape; males tend to have a more rounded bulbous cere compared to the females flatter shaped cere. Is this what all you guys are discussing about. Kaz, I was under impression that when the chicks get matured, the shape of the cere gets reversed....as stated above.
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