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  1. We have now enabled SSL on our forum & FAQ systems. Any issues, please message me or post in the Forum Additions, Help, Errors & Support.
  2. Sorry about the recent downtime that started around 11pm (UK time) & ended around 8am (UK time). This was due to an issue at the Data Centre which has now been resolved.
  3. Some people do pop by from time to time, tho the forum isn't as active as it once was. I check this forum on an almost weekly basis, but am unable to give advice about birds due to never having owned any. I'm mainly here as a forum maintainer and support. The Netsta, does check in here from time to time as well.
  4. New features added... Forum now works fully with the Tapatalk app (search for 'BBC Forums' within the app).
  5. We have now completed our forum upgrade to the latest version You can now login to the forums using either your Display Name (username) or Email Address Any problems, then please either PM me or email me at admin [at] ds [dash] host [dot] co [dot] uk
  6. On the 15th March 2017, the forum will be offline for a maximum of three hours to allow for the following to take place... Optimisation of back-end database Upgrade of forum software Downtime will commence around 13:00 (GMT), and hopefully be completed by 16:00 (GMT)
  7. Hi All. Sorry for the unexpected downtime yesterday, which started at around 8:30am (UK time) and ended around 2:15pm (UK time). It was due to a power issue to the server. I apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.
  8. I am looking into this and on using the fast reply box to reply to this topic, both bars work fine for me. What browser are you using to access these forums ?
  9. That looks like a 406 error message. I have raised a ticket with Data Centre to get this resolved. It is caused by the server's security systems that are in place.
  10. Try clicking the photo. Should show the photo in it's original size it was uploaded as (the forum auto-resizes photos that are bigger than a set size (640x480 I think), but allows photos to be clicked to see photo in it's original size). Clicking the photo also allows you to save the photo (in it's original size). Hope this helps.
  11. Issue resolved. About Me tab was discontinued in 3.2, and so intergrated into the main Profile View page (Overview). EDIT - About Me tab has now been removed, after following advise from support ticket I raised.
  12. Getting this error when clicking About Me tab within any member profile page... Error: Could not load template 'tabAboutMe' from group 'profile' EDIT - I am aware of this error. It is caused by the upgrade from 3.1.2 to 3.3.2 as About Me is no longer a tabbed option in 3.3.x. I have raised a ticket about this with the forum software developers to resolve this as soon as possible. Will reply to this topic when this has been resolved.
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