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  1. I work in a power plant. Fritz is clipped but he fly from desk to desk! I wouldn't know, but I'll post more recent pictures soon.
  2. Please welcome Fritz to my family! I got him this past February. He has changed a lot and I'll try to post more recent pictures soon. I got him from a pet store chain. I don't usually buy birds from them. I tend to get hand-raised. But this one was funny! He had my Daughter and I laughing at his antics with the other birds! Well, he turned out to be a really funny bird. I keep him on my desk at work. There are 23 guys in the department, and about 4 of them interact with Fritz on a daily basis. My boss loves Fritz! That's a good thing! He is very social, and taming him was fast!
  3. This was Freddie. I got him in February of 2010. I sent my other budgie, Miley to my girlfriend's house for six months while I tamed/trained Freddie. I brought Miley back and they got along great. Unfortunately, I didn't realize Freddie was eating a lot! I took him to the pet shop after he passed, and they said he had diarrhea. He was only here a short time, but he is still missed.
  4. No plans to breed him yet. He is very young isn't he! :budgiedance:
  5. This is Freddie! I got him today. He will be joining my other little guy Miley in a few months. (Named after Freddie Mercury!)
  6. This is Kaysee. He was in the food dish on a number of occasions after I got him Jan 4th. It only lasted a few days. I love the colors on Cheeky! And the black eyes on the yong birds... What can I say? Beautiful!
  7. The new friend we got for Miley spends a lot of time hanging from the top of the cage. So much so, I have taken to calling him/her Bella. As in Bella Lugosi. Has this been seen before?
  8. Miley is about 1 year old now. I took him to the shop that I got him from, to have him clipped and snipped today. They had some really cute babies.... Well, my 10 year old Daughter, Cassidy, "talked" me into it! Well, here he is! (I'm guessing "He") Kaysee Here is Miley at Christmas time.
  9. He's realy cute! I can not wait to let Miley run around and play. He's not interested in toys yet.
  10. Thank you for all of the kind words! After a long budgie absence in our family, it's great to have one again!
  11. Here are some more pictures of Miley. Starting to look like a boy. The conversion to pelet food is going real well! Not very active, I hope it's just that he's young. He doesn't sit puffed up at all. Just sits in the same spot in the cage most of the time. I take him out every day. He's very gentile.
  12. The runs once in a while. Sometimes it looks normal. Not fluffed up. The diet is the same, I bought the same mix they were feeding. I did put in a dish of pellet in too. It hasn't been touched yet. He/she is eating milet, and maybe some seed. The feathers on the back of the head may have been plucked. Some are also still spikes. I try to pet/scratch the head a little to open the spikes up. I'm sure by the next molt, every thing will look good.
  13. My new budgie seems to have pooping issues. It is sticking to the feathers. It also looks like she sometimes is having a difficult time pooping. Any sugjestions? How do I clean things up? Thanks.
  14. Judging by the responses, we may have to change the name to Milo! We'll see. Thanks for all the feed back.
  15. Hi. My Daughter and I picked up this little cutie today. Looks like a hen to me. My Daughter named her Miley (My-lee) Visit My Miley pictures
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