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  1. Thanks Kaz. Is this something that is treatable? Is it life threatening?I am not sure....the ones I had with the issue were old so I could not say.Hmmm...thanks Kaz. I will see what the vet has to say then. From looking at the photos, do you think she looks abnormal in her chest area? Thanks Elly - I will update after I go to the Vet.
  2. Thanks Kaz. Is this something that is treatable? Is it life threatening?
  3. Hello I haven't been on here for a while, so as an update Kimba was found at a pub during last summer as a baby. She has always been a lot bigger than my boys but I have noticed that her exta weight is increasing in her chest area. During the evenings she will have a play on the gym on the top of the cage but has started to lay on her belly, and will even fall asleep like this. Tonight I noticed that she was laying on her perch. She is generally a very active (and destructive) girl. I am going to book her into the vet's but it would be great to her what people's opinions so I am prepared. Here are some photos I took tonight.
  4. Thank you everybody for your replies. They have calmed down a bit now thank goodness! Yes, I stole the name Kimba from Liv :rofl:
  5. Hello, wow it has been a long time since I have posted! I have three budgies, one male 18 months - Coco, one male about 9 months - Kif and one female about 9 months - Kimba. Coco and Kif never got along very well together, until I put Kimba with them in January. Everything has been running along nicely until the other night when they were out and Coco and Kimba started to get a little frisky with each other. Now they seem inseparable every time they are out of the cage. I am not looking to breed, and don't have anything in the cage that can be used for nesting. Is this something that I need to worry about or is it just budgie behaviour?
  6. Thanks everybody for your replies. I have named her Kimba. Another forum member has a tiel called Kimba and I have always loved the name but never had a hen!
  7. As you know, weather in Adelaide has been incredibly hot the past week. On Friday a lady I work with went to lunch at a pub and a budgie fell on to the plants and landed on their table in the beer garden. It was not in the best condition, apparently had its wings out and didn't have any strength from the heat. So she gave it some water, put it in a box, and brought it back to work. She knew I had budgies, so I came down and took a look at it. It was a baby hen, looks like she is about to go through her first molt. She looked very healthy and was beautiful colours. So I couldn't resist, and took her home with me. I work in town and there are no homes around, so I wouldn't even know where to start looking to find her owner. I think she was from an aviary as she didn't like being put in a cage. I clipped her wings as she was getting herself into all sorts of pickles flying in the cage and she seems much calmer. I was trying to avoid clipping them in case her owner came forward, but she might have hurt herself. She is in quarantine away from my two boys. Here are some photos - they are not too clear as she wasn't in the mood: She doesn't have a name yet, so any ideas would be great I can't tell you too much about her personality yet, only that she is very very noisy!
  8. I have a play gym set up and rattle balls that they play with out of the cage, and a few other bits and pieces. I will give them more time out of the cage before I try them in together again Interesting about the meercats, but yeah, I don't think bringing a cat in would help in this situation
  9. Well, we have had Coco for almost a year now and this week we introduced him to Kif, our new male budgie (after quarantine of course ) and they are not getting along very well. Coco is a very hyper bird, looks like he has been drinking coffee all day, and pretty much runs circles around Kif while they are out. He will then try to feed Kif, play with Kif, and just drive him a little nuts. Poor Kif will just sit there like 'get this psycho away from me'. But this isn't so bad, it is when I try to let them have a play in one cage that Coco turns nasty. I have tried putting Coco into Kif's cage as Coco may be territorial with his cage, but he is just as bad. He will peck at Kif (but not actually touching him) until he falls to the bottom of the cage, and will just keep doing it. Their cages are next to each other and they have been chatting for the past week, and they spend most of their time out of the cage on the play gym together, but they just don't want to share a cage. What can I do??? Has anybody had problems like this?? I would love any suggestions!
  10. Tam

    New Member

    Welcome Look forward to seeing photos There are tips on posting photos in the "budgie pictures" topic (I think).
  11. Thanks everybody for your replies I just loved his pied markings when I first saw a photo (and his chubby tummy) Hills - he is quite shy now he has been taken away from his Ladies at Liv's place, but he is starting to show a bit of attitude I will update photos when Coco and Kif are let out for a play together for the first time.
  12. At long last I have finally had a chance to take some photos of our newest second budgie, Kif (Bumble). I haven't put him with our other boy Coco yet due to quarantine, but I moved their cages together today so they are chatting like old friends as our four weeks is up :hap:
  13. The newbies are gorgeous Liv :question:
  14. Hey Andrew I picked him up on Saturday- I will post some pictures of him this week
  15. I really hope they do. I went popped into a pet store (chain) on the weekend and three of the budgies had scaly face, one so bad it had clumps of it on its feet and in his eyes. I pointed this out to the women working and she told me she would take them home and treat them. I asked her what she would use to treat them as it was obviously past the point of just using a parafin solution, and she told me that the vet had gave her a supply of the ivermectin to use. She claimed to have "not noticed", how, I don't know. I really really hope that these aren't just lies we are being told, but many people do see budgies as a cheap almost disposable pet.
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