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  1. 1] "Honestly! I've no idea why those women at Weight Watchers complain! Look at this portion size!" 2] "Waiter! Waiter! I asked for a fly on the side! I can't see it here!" 3] "Well...I heard someone say that if I want to 'poof 0ff' I should excuse myself from the table...but maybe if I just hang it over the side, that'll be good enough!" 4] "Ahh! What a life! Fly around all day...look cute...give my owner a few light nibbles and voila! Food on tap and I don't even have to do the dishes!" 5] "What was that? Did I wash up before coming to the table? Honestly! " 6] " Hey, if I get all these veggies just for looking cute, imagine what I might do to get a millet spray! Know what I mean??? "
  2. Had not even thought about doing it that way Kaz...good idea! If I tell Robert to pretend it's my neck, it should get tight enough! Good thinking 99...oops! I mean melbournebudgies. Have some of those little dudes somewhere, now just to find them in the lad's shed! Thanks to you both and I shall take it to the bossman. Pics will come sometime over the weekend in my other post re the progression of it all. Have a good night
  3. The bird mesh came today and we scored 10metres @ approx $ 2.60/metre as it came off a roll and there faults in the wire [ not completing its run through in places] so now we have plenty to play around with. Question is, what is the best way to attach it to the round pipe frame? The roof is not on yet as we were thinking of running the mesh onto the top of the frame and then putting a sheet of corro over it and securing both at the same time. There will not be an entire mesh roof, just the corro. Not sure if this is the best way to do it or not. I know there are people here who have had such experience and would appreciate ideas on the best way/various ways. Thanks and cheers. :hap:
  4. Will send prayers that all goes well with your daughter's surgery Kaz. Ah! That's what Mum's are!!...more often than not, more than 2 people and covering a multitude of things. Don't forget to take it easy sometimes and always remember to breathe! :hap: The aviary plans look great - big enough that if you have an influx of guests they would always be able to bunk out with the birds! :hap: Cheers!
  5. Thanks Maesie. So many things to do still and winter is coming [ well, feels like it is] and that is the time I really get bad, so have to get a move on with it all.
  6. Aviary update - as of the weekend all sides on the bottom are completed and hubby has almost completed a door frame. Tomorrow we have 4x3300 sheets of corrugated roofing panels being delivered with total cost of $66 inc delivery. Been looking at the roofing sheets at Bunnings and Stratco etc and they were going to be $30 a sheet + anything from $30 - $60 delivery on top. Called in to an Environmental Salvage place locally today to see what they had and voila !!! - very long sheets they cut to size for me @ $3.50/metre. One happy girl and hubby pleased too! Not been too well and the rain's been interrupting a bit but getting there. Next buy is the wire. All places we have sussed out sell it at 1200mm high and our height is about 300mm higher than that so we are thinking we need to buy some flat galvanised metal to take up that distance from the top bar down and attach the wire to that with a strip of metal over the top of the wire/galvo edge to tidy it up. Thoughts on if that would be okay. Any on best way to attach the wire?
  7. Congrats Phoebe..loved that one! A bit late due to illness but better late than never.
  8. Julie

    Aviary Advice

    Sometimes you can score pavers in the local papers as give aways. That's how I got my first lot.
  9. Julie

    Aviary Advice

    Guess that's why the poem goes...."Land of drought and flooding rains" ') Back on topic ... I like option 1 as well but if that's not possible then the moat seems good too. What about making a 'barrier' around the aviary, like they do with sandbags? If you made like a wall that you could still get over but would impede the water flow getting to the aviary? Maybe with some concrete or wooden sleepers?
  10. Thanks Jimmy. Going to have to get my ex-hubby to bring out our free pavers for the flooring bit by bit 'cos at the moment, it is so uneven! Thank goodness the budgies won't have mathematical degrees 'cos some of it is not exactly what one would call "straight"...it's not too bad and no way will it have an effect on the inmates, so all's good.
  11. It is exciting for sure, seeing it come together bit by bit and it's fun having to work out what we can utilise that is on hand [ free] and summing up what we are going to have to fork out for. So far, not really had to buy a thing so that's good. Here are the latest pics with the work done this morning after watching the ANZAC Day ceremonies and before footy began this arvo. The sky is clouding over and rain is forecast so may not get too much done over the weekend...maybe we can get 'covers' like in the cricket??? Cheers and blessings 'til next time all. and
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