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  1. This forum is such a special place i only joined a few weeks ago and imediately felt welcomed and recieved so many answers and so much support. for the first time in my life i feel like i have somewhere i belong thankyou all. Tina
  2. why isn't my tail yellow, I want a yellow tail maybe if I eat yours mine will turn yellow.
  3. thats the size they are i took them on a mobile sorry i dan't have a digital camera so will try to borrow one and get better pics soon
  4. Visit My Website pics arnt great but can anyone tell me what type my babies are?
  5. hi all, I have spent the last week or so reading almost every post on this forum and juat wanted to ask what does putting in an abundance of food do to a budgie is it bad to do this? We have 2 birds and have a huge bowl of seed in the cage for them should I reduce this in size? thankyou Tina,Jake and Jasmine
  6. thankgod the poor older woman happened to have an angel like you there to help her. It is disgraceful and so unaustralian the way people try to sell things today.
  7. I have wonderfull news today was the last medication day and both jake and Jasmine appear to be back to normal. Jasmine has become so much more tame with all the handling she has had lately. Haven't tried fresh vege with them yet but I did crush some pellets over their seed today and both of them have had a good munch away at that and appear to quite like it. Will be buying some fresh vege for them tommorow and will try all your suggestions to see how they go fingers crossed. Thankyou all again for your advice and friendship I hope to get to know you all alot more over the years to come.
  8. my birds won't touch fresh fruit or vege at all I have tried everything any suggestions?
  9. todays update, both jake and jasmine are looking much much better poo's appear normal and both are eating alot more only 2 more days of medication to go. We have also noticed that jasmine appears to be enjoying the handling that she gets now she has stopped drawing blood when she bites and only flies away every so often so looks like the medication has been good for more than one reason.
  10. is bottlebrush safe for them to eat as well or only to use as a perch?
  11. thankyou all i will continue to give the medication as the bottle says for the rest of the time as it does seem to be working.
  12. mmm... if it says on the bottle to do both I'd keep it up (the seed issue is most likely unrelated) How many days have you got left? been medicating for 3 so 2-4 days left
  13. I was only giving it in the mouth because thats what the instructions said on the bottle but i think i might stop and just put it in their water don't want to hurt my babies by being to nice. If you are medicating by mouth I wouldn't also do it by water. You might be overdosing them. If you are giving them the required dose via beak (following the instructions on the bottle), you know they ARE getting it... as opposed to via water where you never know how much they are getting. The regurgitation of seed can happen for a number of reasons. Don't worry to much but keep an eye on him just in case
  14. we have been nedicating jake and jasmine for 3 days now by mouth and in their water. Tonight when i medicated jake by mouth he regurgitated some seed is this normal or should we stop medicating by mouth and just put it in his water from now on?. (the medication has done wonders for him). look forward to your advice Tina
  15. Update for today,Both jake and jasmine apear to be more chirpy today poos looking almost normal. Jake has spent almost 3 hours eating seed so i guess he is feeling better. Thankfully it looks like thanks to you all we have been able to fix the problem thankyou all and if we ever need advice again this will be the first place we come. You are all such nice people and we thankyou from the bottom of our hearts without you all we have have lost both our babies thankyou.
  16. sorry everyone pics seem to be a prop for me i have added their pics to my signiture so hopefully this will work they are not great pics but hey.
  17. Hi all, Just a quick update I have been giving both jake and jasmine sulpha solution yesterday and today and we have seen quite an improvement even in that short time. both appear happier and all poo's appear more solid so thankfully this appears to be working will continue to give them the medication for 5-7 days and update you all on their progress thanks again for all your kind words and advice.
  18. hope this works havent posted pics before
  19. Thankyou all for your help I have been to the pet shop today and have bought new seed and a sulpha solution to give them will give it about a week ans see what happens will keep you all posted on jake and jasmine's recovery. You are all so helpful and I thankyou all so much.
  20. Thankyou all for your help we have no avian vet closer than 800km away so i will have to try to treat him myself. you have all been soo helpfull and i am off to my local pet store now to get anything he may need i have also just bought him new seed and put it in a container that i hange every morning. He is chirping madly as I write this and arguing with his mate jasmine. I will update as soon as I know anything and thankyou all once again.
  21. I have never wormed my birds do they get worms? where from:? Will go to the pet shop tommorow and see about getting worming stuff. for them. No they won't eat lettuce or any other fresh fruit or vege.
  22. Thanks for the advice I guess moving after 5 years in the same house is pretty big for him. he won't eat fresh fruit or vege we have tried everything with him but no go. Not sure where to get vitamins but will check that out. We don't have an avian vet near us and the local vets don't look at birds so we can only try our best and hope thats enough. We will try to make sure that we cover the birds at night from now on incase there is a draft didn't realise that can cause runny poo. He seems to be fine and loves the bath he gets when the bum is really bad. will try to get a pict
  23. My 5 year old budgie Jake has had runny poo for close to a month now (ever since we moved house). He is still eating and drinking as normal, singing away, and arguing with his mate Jasmine. I have smelled his bottom when it is covered in poo and there is no smell at all. I have also felt his chest and there is no weight loss, he is not fluffing himself up and has not had a change of diet at all he seems fine has anyone got any suggestions please. :hap:
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