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  1. suzii

    Damaged Wing

    Just to let you all know, Bluey's feathers are back. She did a couple of laps around the lounge tonight. I enjoyed her time running around on the floor though. With the others leaving her behind, we spent more time one on one. It was great and i will miss it Thanks to everyone
  2. I picked up this exact cage recently at pet stock for only $180 on special. A brilliant buy i thought
  3. When my four year old daughters budgie died last year, we told her he was staying at the vets for a few days. We replaced him and really thought she did not know. Then last week when her aunties budgie passed away she said " Why don't they just get a new budgie that looks like pete and call him pete too, like we did when bluey died. My husband and i were stunned
  4. Thank you for your thoughts
  5. Angel passed away last night at the vets
  6. I have put some sulfer based medicine in her water. I have been watching but have not seen her drink, hopefully she has. Fingers crossed for the night. Thanks for all the encouragement.
  7. We live in a small town, the best i will be able to do is the regular vet. It is only 23c today, so i have covered a hottie botttle and put it on the floor. I have also put a cover over, so she thinks it is night and has jumped on her swing. Hopefully this will keep her going until midday tomorrow when the vet opens. Thanks for all advice sue
  8. She did eat seed this morning, but i have not seen her drink
  9. My birds all love the freshest newest leaves growing on our tree. and eating the blossems just before they bloom
  10. This morning one of my birds has become ill. She is sitting all fluffed up on the perch, and her poos are green and runny. I will take to my vet tommorrow, but they are closed for the day now. Any suggestions on what i can do to help her. I have seperated her from the others into the vet cage. She is also pumping her tail
  11. suzii

    Damaged Wing

    She is back in with the others now. How long do you think until she will be able to fly again?
  12. suzii

    Damaged Wing

    Thankyou everyone. She seems to be doing fine otherwise, just a bit miffed at being seperated from the other. She does not appear to be sick, heaps of energy. How long will i need to keep her away from the others.
  13. suzii

    Damaged Wing

    3 feathhers were clean, one has a reddish brown colour on the end that could be blood. I will seperate her and add a picture soon Picture as promised
  14. suzii

    Damaged Wing

    When i let my birds out today, 3 flew off and one hit the floor. Upon close inspection i see that bluey is missing the longer feathers on one of her wings, so cannot fly. I found four long feathers at the bottom of the cage, so it must have happened whilst in there. i have no idea what happened to her. Does anyone have any ideas and will she be okay?
  15. Something over the cage in winter will stop any draughts. My budgie Bluey1 died last year and our vet thought it may have happened because i put the the cage next to the glass panel near my front door so they could get some winter sun. We stayed away overnight and it got down to minus 4 that night. My other budgie Colour was fine, but Bluey1 got very sick, shivering on his perch and a squek in his breathing. The vet told he had a chill and unfortunately he did not pull through. I have learnt a valuable lesson. It gets below zero here most nights in winter (Albury/Wodonga, on the New South Vic
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