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  1. An update now that I've taken Pippin to the vet for his checkup (and a subsequent blood test). I asked for additional blood tests since they had identified issues before, and they came back not crash hot. He has a protein level of 18 (apparently normal is 30-50?) and an infection that he has been fighting off. She believes it is a kidney issue. I was given antibiotics for him to take twice a day, and I've started to supplement some pellets as treats along with his seed and veges. ANYWAY. I took him back on Tuesday for another blood test, and apparently the antibiotics have made his infection a lot worse - he has a high white cell count and his protein is only up to 20. But the vet wants me to continue to give him these antibiotics and to add another medication to take. Watery droppings have not changed since starting the antibiotics as well. I just have concerns about having to give him what may start to be a lot of medication, especially keeping on one that has been augmenting the situation. It's also changing his temperament - every time he comes out of the cage he immediately flies onto the floor and hides under the table. A third appointment for him next Thursday, but if there aren't any slight improvements by then, I'm a bit unsure of what to do, or if I should get another vet's opinion.
  2. Hi Rachel. Pippin has had urates/water in his poop for quite a few months now - when I took him to the vet, they suggested that it may just be the way that his body is built (that, when he poops, he does not have the function to separate water from poop). He has been on antibiotics before without result. They were going to do a water deprivation test to see if he was diabetic, but at the time I could not afford it, so I am going back for further feedback on Feb 10.
  3. Hi Jenny and Bird Junky, He seems to have dried off but I can't see any evidence that he had a bath yesterday. Today he has been fine. Still happy temperament, still chasing after his toy ball and chirping and talking. In terms of diet, we struggle with that one a bit. He is on a seed diet, but I give him pellets on occasion as treats, and he eats apple, broccoli and parsley. We haven't been able to encourage him to eat many other things. I try to keep to greens though, because I know the apple would be contributing to his more watery output. His annual checkup is coming in the next couple of weeks so I will also ask while I am there.
  4. Heya all! So Pippin Tiberius is nearly 2, and he has been to the vet many times as he passes a lot of urine in his droppings (they believe that it may not be being "caught" when he poos, etc.) He has been on medications before with little result, and they indicated if he ever got worse and was lethargic/not chirpy to bring him back in for a water deprivation test. He has not had any change in mood or energy at all. He plays with his toys a lot (is fascinated with his mirror!) and is always talking. However, when I got home this evening, I noticed that his abdomen and his vent are a bit wet. And I don't know if he's just had a sneaky bath without me knowing or not. I took him in to have a bath, and when he came back out his other feathers dried pretty quickly but these ones still looked wet and slick. Picture below. I couldn't get the camera to focus, but it's that abdominal patch plus his vent was rather damp. Anyone have ideas? Or am I just being overprotective budgie momma?
  5. A recent shot of Pippin Tiberius. He has certainly grown up a bit, and has developed his own .... AMUSING .... personality! Pippin trying out his "EXCUSE me?!" look. On the front lines .... he has a thing about sitting on my bed and playing with his toys .... ... he kinda does this on the table too! But he also gives good hugs.
  6. Heya all! Well, I've had little Pippin for about a month now, and he is doing wonderfully with nibbling different foods and playing with some toys outside of the cage .... ... but as soon as I put anything INTO the cage, he gets scared out of his wits! I have tried everything - a little bell, some wood toys, rope toys, even a small mirror (even though I HATED doing that!!). The reaction is always the same - he bolts to the opposite side of the cage and will not move, trying very hard to ignore whatever is there. The obvious exception to this was the mirror, which he sat in front of and chewed on. I also had the same problem with trying to put fruit and vegetables in to his cage with pegs - he wouldn't go near anything for quite a few days. However, the bigger problem is that he is chewing everything else! His perches, the sides of the cage .... He has discovered his reflection in his water dish (the vet recommended metal water and food dishes) and spends hours sitting on the side of it trying to pick it up or hanging upside down to talk to his reflection in the side of it! Does anyone have any other suggestions as to how to introduce toys in the cage, and what toys would be best to introduce?
  7. So my darling Pippin went for his first vet consult today, and I am so glad that he did! I've always taken my birds to the birds & exotics vet at Mt Gravatt and they have always been on the ball with my little men. So they did a test of his crop and his poop .... and it seems as if Pippin has megabacteria! The vet explained that it is a fungal infection that affects many budgies, and is usually passed along pretty easily. Question 1: Have any of you guys had megabacteria treated with sodium benzoate before? I believe that it is a new treatment. It's certainly going to be a bit easier on such a young bird (mixed into his drinking water), but I haven't found much information about it online so just wanted to know more about it. Question 2: None of my budgies have had this before, and the vet mentioned that I will need to be a bit more vigilant in checking Pippin's weight to make sure it doesn't reoccur. From people's experience here, is this a "dormant"/"active" infection?? I was just curious. Pippin also has some bacteria in his crop but we are opting to try and treat the fungal infection first and then reassess in two weeks. All in all, he was apparently a perfect little gentleman! Sat on the scales to be weighed without flying off, allowed the vet to have a look over his wings and at his crop without even squawking, and when she went off to look at the samples, he even sat on my shoulder waiting for her! Such a sweetheart.
  8. You can see a tiny yellow tinge near his beak (or maybe I am being hopeful? ) Such a beautiful photo. Popcorn is going to be a delight, I'm sure!
  9. Haha - Hezz, I actually just call him Pippin. and it was just because I was as indecisive as you! I was thinking of calling him Tiberius after James Kirk in Star Trek, but I knew the poor fella would probably have troubles learning it. And Puck wasn't acceptable because my family was concerned it could be associated with "a bad word". Names are the hardest and I had trouble until I really knew the bird. But I love names which have a bit of a rhythmic feel to them and with strong consonants - Piccolo was my first budgie's name, Scouty was his best friend. I liked Pippin because it had that rhythmic lilt that I wanted in a name. Yeah, he is still a bit unsure of things. But I'm happy that he is off to a great start after the long weekend. He has certainly enjoyed climbing on the cushions around my bed, eating millet on my desk. Little explorer, boldly going where no budgie has gone before. I managed to get him to nibble on some apple this afternoon - so happy!
  10. Took me long enough, because I am usually quite extravagant with names. But I'd like to introduce my little man: Pippin Tiberius Puck. Don't fret - I just call him Pippin. But I'd like to think that he is going to have some great adventures, so every adventurer needs an epic name, right? After five days, he is getting used to my shoulder quite well! Not bad for an aviary bird. But he is still a bit timid, and understandably so because my house can be a bit noisy. I am still trying to get him onto the vegetables (tips for introducing greens and even some new toys would be so very welcome!), but he has had a few nibbles on apple for now. I have him booked for his initial checkup at the vet on Friday just to be sure that everything else is okay. And I just love this picture too much: !!
  11. Pippin has a taste for millet now. Method of bribery isolated. Let the training begin. ;)

  12. Thank you all - I thought I was right!! There were quite a few girls left at the place where I got him from, and the breeder wasn't 100% sure because for a boy he's got a little bit of nip to him apparently. I've never owned a yellowface before - thought it was appropriate - yellow for Scout, blue/cobalt for Piccolo (although not sure whether he'll go cobalt or blue, or even violet like Piccolo, in the long run!)
  13. Hello all! I haven't been here for a while since my gorgeous boys, Piccolo and Scout, flew away in July last year. Well, it's been close to a year now, and after a few life events I decided it was time for another bird! So my new little one came home today (Still thinking of a name and when I do I will share! ). He has been pretty okay out of the cage on my finger but he'll have some space to himself for the rest of the day. But my brother is convinced it is a girl, and I am reasonably sure that it is a boy, but just a very young one. Would someone be able to help us settle this dispute?
  14. Hello all! Well, I got a new camera, and with new camera comes new photos! I took this one today of my very special little man Scout, and just could not resist sharing: Just got them both onto a pellet diet, and seeds are now a "treat" that they eat out of my hand. The have been relocated into the guinea pig's room so they have been playing with some of the guinea pig hay lately too.
  15. Heya all! Well, Piccolo and Scout are doing very well, and we also have three very adorable guinea pigs in our family too! Because we feed the guineas a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, I just wanted to check the success rate of feeding some of these fruits/vegies to budgies: Rockmelon Honeydew melon Broccolini Capsicum We give the guineas watermelon as well, but it might be a bit TOO watery for my little cherubs! :bliss: Also, I was curious how people feed fruits and veges to their birds. At the moment, I use pegs and peg it to the side of the cage so that the boys can peck a chunk without losing it onto the floor! What other methods do others use?
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