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  1. the roof is covered and the plants i have with them are fine they have been in there for ages so far there fine i have to take pics we are going to hopefuly make a very large avairy for them.
  2. i have a natural floor avairy and i was just wonderin what are the best plants/grasses for avairys?
  3. ive heard that little black ants (if thats what they are) they apsolutley hate lemon juice
  4. hi all i just got a new avairy it is 2m by 2m and 2 m high it is going to have a cement boundry so mice and rats cant dig in a natural floor with natural australian grasses and there will be quails in the bottom hopefuly will breed and it will have 2 to three pairs of budgies in it just wonderin bout what yous all think
  5. i have them feeding on budgie seed, fresh grass (picked every morning) cuttle fish bone , fresh water and little *** bits (apple,oranges and stuff from the fridge )
  6. she is around 8-9months he is 7-8 they dont have a breeding box as they are too young but he sings to her non stop even when it is midnight
  7. thank you i have had my birds for 4 days and i have noticed that the male keeps feeding the feemale and sits next to her and preen each other they have only known each other for four days dose this mean they will be a good pair
  8. we where going to dig a trench around it and put sheet metal in it going up about 40cm high to prevent rodents and 20cm deep
  9. thanks as it also good to have grass for the floor because i read it is good for them
  10. well we are getting it from a friend it is about 5 mt long and 4 mt wide and two metres high but it will only have 5 pairs in it
  11. i have tried to put some photos on but the way they said to do it wouldnt work
  12. my dad said there where only some deaths but other wise it was all good and it is a realy big avairy
  13. thank you i was just wondering what is the best green food for budgies
  14. gorgus they are looking realy healthy
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