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  1. Gorgeous birds Can't wait to see their babies.
  2. So sorry to hear that Kaz. It's hard to lose them. I hope the others do well.
  3. BEV

    M Or F

    Thanks for that Nerwen :budgiedance:
  4. BEV

    M Or F

    Thanks for that KAZ :oliveb: . I have a lady who would like a baby boy, I suppose you will tell me this is a girl too How do you tell?
  5. BEV

    Very Bad News

    Sorry for your loss losing a pet is never easy.
  6. Just wandering if anyone can tell me if they are male or female or are they to young?
  7. BEV

    Me And My Family

    Thanks for such a warm welcome
  8. Very nice birds My TCB is with a Lutino and they produce beautiful babies.
  9. BEV

    New To Forum

    Hope this is good enough for you to see. He doesn't like to show his back He is actually a really bright yellow and Green.
  10. This is me and my family. It was taken a few months ago, my little man is now 6mths old
  11. BEV

    New To Forum

    Thank-you for the warm welcome. I will try to get a photo of him tomorrow. I was told he was a texas clearbody. The photo doesn't do his colour any justice. My Father-in-law tried to get him off me but I told him the best I could do was give him a baby from him.
  12. Hi I am new to the thread and have only just started breeding budgies after seeing my father in laws birds. I love having a hobby while I stay at home with my kids. I have just had my first lot of babies start fledging My oldest It's siblings The back 2 have decided to fledge today too. Their parents 3 newborns Their parents 2 more Their parents, They love their carrot. The cute lonely one( mum laid 8eggs but this is the only one that made it) It's parents( My father in law wants the male) Don't think the other 3 are going to hatch Mum Dad Waiting game The parents Sorry about the long post, But I like to show them off. Hope they resized properly
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