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    We have loads of tropical fish and a guinea pig called Chuckie who is three and a half now. I am always pretty busy because I work saturdays at the local Big W, I run the local playgroup, I sell Tupperware and I have a husband and two kids to care for.

    So as you can imagine, things can get quite hecktic around here!!
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  1. My son Flynn is 4 and always in bed before Oscar comes out for a play at night. He is okay with him but every now and then Oscar gets a thing against Flynn and beats the daylights out of him until we put him away in the cage. So Flynn is understandably quite scared of him sometimes and i am so scared he will hit him or swat him away and accidentally hurt him. The sad thing is that Oscar was supposed to be Flynn's pet and now he is more my husbands than any one elses. He loves Jason ans kisses him, lets him stroke his chest, talks to him. i am so not allowed to touch him unless he decides I can. he will kiss me but not much and he takes ages to chat to me and that is usually when Jason is not here and I am the last resort!!!!! And I did freak. I thought I had murdered him and he would not get clean. Next time he will be in the cage before i run the tap for anything. He like to bath under the running tap, so I think that is what he thought I was doing for him. gotta go see ya Kathym1977 xxoo
  2. Thanks guys for the reassurance. I freaked when he just bombed straight in there. he seems to have dried quite well and is happy now. I think he has dropped his two longest tail feathers, so I will have to watch him when he flies around. Thank god it was not hot or soapy water. I did'nt even think about it. I have the heater on in the loungeroom, so he will be warm enough for the night. He is in the next room, but gets a warm flow through there. Once again, thanks for the advice. I can always rely on you guys to help me out in a crisis. Hugs to all. Kathym1977 xxoo
  3. My budgie Oscar divebombed the sink of dirty dishes in water. He has some gunky stuff on him and there was no detergent in the sink. Should i bath him in anything or should I just leave him to fix it himself? He got really wet and we are trying to dry him in the lounge where it is warmer.
  4. My Oscar does that all the time and I make the most of it whenever I can. He seems to pay more attention to what I am saying at these times and I always talk loads to him when I have covered him up for the night. In the last two weeks I have taught him to wolf whistle, wistle for us to come over to him, he now says pretty boy and as of today he is learning to say, "Oscars got a secret, psew psew psew." And he whispers the secret bit to us. It is sooooo cute. We are hard up for ideas of what to teach him though. So if anyone has any ideas let me know. My husband can only come up with swear words, so any ideas would be better than what he is coming up with!!! They are so cute when they chatter away to themselves though. Oscar takes a while to warm up in the morning and once he does, he wanders around the table while we are eating breaky and chatters up a storm. He also likes to occasionally swim in our cereal, so we have to really watch him. Many a bowl of cereal has had to be thrown out because he has done a lap in it!! I love hearing about all of your birds as well. Hugs to all. Kathym1977
  5. Sorry I have no idea how to change their sizes.
  6. Here are some of Oscar's daily antics at our house. He is helping me type as we speak!! Sooooo helpful he is as well!! http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...77/27022008.jpg http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...27022008003.jpg http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...27022008005.jpg http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...27022008007.jpg http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...77/28022008.jpg http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...28022008001.jpg http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...022008001-1.jpg http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...28022008002.jpg http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...28022008003.jpg I hope you guys enjoy them as much as we are. Hugs to all Kathym1977
  7. Here are some photos I took today when Oscar had his alone time with me while the kids were at school and kindy. He loves to just sit on my shoulder while I am on the computer, or today he stayed there the whole time I was putting my shopping away. http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...022008001-1.jpg I hope they are not too big and that you all enjoy checking out how he is going. Thanks to Sunnie for a gorgeous little man.
  8. Good on you. I hate pushy sales people. I have had first hand experience of the **** that pet stores will spin to get you to buy a bird from them. I was told my first budgie was a baby of 5 weeks and able to look after himself and eat seed, etc. He was my sons christmas present after much consideration and he died after 10 days. I soon found out from the vet, after a $60 bill, that he was way too young to look after himself and he had starved to death. The food was going, but he was playing and had not been really eating it because he did not know how. There should be strict rules to do with the sale of any animals in pet stores. They are mongrels most of the time and even buying fish I am more than dubious when not buying form a specialist store. But a great end to a horrible situation. Good on you and thank god you were there. Fancy banning you! I would have told them good because now I have a deffinate reason for never coming into the **** shop again. That does not stop you from standing outside however! You go matey. Kathym1977
  9. okay I seem to remember reading somewhere that gum leaves are great for budgies. How often should I give them to him and is it okay for him to chew on them. My instinct says of course because in the wild they would munch on them, but I thought I should ask just to be sure. Thanks guys Kathym1977
  10. okay I think we will stick to just budgies, otherwise it just gets too complicated! I know exactly where I can get a rainbow flock from as well (Sunnie) so when it all happens, we will post some pickies for you all. Thanks guys Kathy
  11. I have no intention of breeding any type of birds, I have way too much on my plate already. What about love birds, I have always loved them. Would they clash with budgies? My kids want a rainbow of colours, and i thought it would be nice to try keeping s variety of birds. Let me know what you think anyway. Thanks Kathy
  12. :ygbudgie: :feedbirds: I just wanted to ask you all about which bords go really well with budgies in aviarys? A friend suggested finches and quails. I know quails are good to go, but am unsure about finches. Do any of you have any other suggestions? We are not ready to set up the aviary yet, have not even got it yet, but i am just doing my research. You guys are such a hive (aviary!!) of information, I can always rely on you all. Thanks Kathy :grbud: :dbb1: :ausb: :nest: :oliveb: :ygbudgie: :feedbirds:
  13. We got our new cage today and it is pretty much set and ready to go. We probably need some more toys in there though. Let me know what you think. The kids are putting pressure on my husband to concreta a flat base to put the aviary from my Poppa on. They want a rainbow of coloured budgies to go in there, so we will probably call on you again in the future when the aviary is ready to go. Let me know if you need me to drop back to your place to have another look at the babies, or when you are ready for us. I have included some pictures so you can check out the cage. What do you think? Catch up soon Hugs Kathy http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...09012008001.jpg http://i100.photobucket.com/albums/m20/kat...09012008002.jpg P.S. The photos make the cage look really narrow, but it is the size bigger than the one in your backyard.
  14. Don't worry guys, I am totally scrapping the old crapola cage and getting a completelly new one. My mother in law bought the last one without consulting me. I would have never got such a small cage otherwise. I met up with Sunnie today. She is a wonderful breeder and her birds are so happy and well looked after. SHe can hold her head high there! We are getting the new cage in the next couple of weeks and then we will get our new birdie from Sunnie. I can't wait. Thanks for all the well wishes, it has really made me feel much better about the whole fiasco that was our first Budgie experience. Hugs to all Kathym1977
  15. Hey guys, can anyone put me in touch with a good breeder in Adelaide? They are next to impossible to find. Thanks very much. kathym1977
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