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  1. hi, cheeky sounds like he is settling in well, however, sorry to burst your bubble but only having one wing clipped is quite dangerous as they cant control their flying and can hurt themselves, i would suggest clipping his other wing, they will grow back in the next moult :laughter: good luck
  2. i just use lovitts whistler, i used to use trill, but i didnt like the amount of filler seeds in there (seeds that dont get eaten by my bird) i dont use pellets either, good luck
  3. i kinda know how you feel, my mum was working at a craft shop and she put her bag in her locker, some women with dreadlocks came in and walked through the back and stole her purse, then racked up over 1000 dollars worth of stuff, just shows how many people actually check the signatures on credit cards, luckily she got the money back though, and they caught the woman
  4. Andrew

    Un Tame

    Bing also took 9 months to come around, and he is still coming around, i was going to clip his wings to help, but never did, and im glad i didnt :bliss:
  5. he is yf 2, when he starts his moult you will realise his feathers will change to green, this happened to Bing
  6. Andrew

    New Pics

    well everyone says Bing is a boy but i'm still confused as he has brown on his cere...
  7. hello all, i thought i would update you all on Bing, well he has come along in leaps and bounds over the past couple of days actually, usually when hes out of the cage he just sits on my shoulder and chats away, but 2 days ago, while i was on the computer, he flew down and started exploring, he went all across the keyboard and bit my hands as i was typing, then jumped on my hand, ran up my arm and sat there and started preening it was quite shocking really watching it all unfold in front of me as it has never happened before well here are some pictures of him today, he is just finishing up his second moult, luckily it wasn't anywhere near as bad as his first Bing ontop of my laptop where is as i am typing this right now Another of him on my laptop And one of him looking surprised hope you like them
  8. you know you never actually gave us any photos of your budgies Jimmy... so where are they!?!?!
  9. Andrew

    R.i.p Blue

    I'm so sorry Cara, may he rest in peace
  10. Andrew

    First Moult

    with Bing (who is also a yellowface blue) he didn't moult until he was about 3 months old, and it lasted for about 2 months which i know inst normal but he had a heavy one, and he is just finishing his 2nd moult now at 9 months but his colour hasn't really changed, if anything the yellow cap on his head has faded into a whiter yellow, when they have pin feathers, then you know they are moulting...
  11. congrats jenene! i just thought i point out a typo elly where it says REMEMBER: November October Budgie of the Month is open for entries :question:
  12. :question: i got something right!!! see? i am learning
  13. he looks very cute , however is it just me or is that bell in his cage rusted? if so i would remove it as budgies can get sick from rust
  14. stick your wings up and no-one gets hurt
  15. when i got Bing the breeder felt his pelvic bone to check that he was a male, and he was right, i want pictures of your new arrival when you get him/her
  16. aww im sorry Cara i hope blue pulls through
  17. Andrew


    awww im so sorry liv may he rest in peace
  18. i know thats what it looks like, but its starts to scare me abit...
  19. hi, ive recently noticed that a couple of times i've seen Bing scratching his head, then stretching his neck out and opening his mouth, he goes on like this for a couple of minutes, but continues preening while he does it, it's like hes choking and trying to clear his throat, is this normal? he stretches his neck and opens his mouth like hes gasping for breath, but doesn't seem distressed, if that sounds right? any advice as to what it may be? thanks
  20. hey, just curious, do babies get into pain when their feathers start coming in?, because it looks pretty painful!
  21. cute name for a lovely boy, have you got any more pictures? because i would just love to see him (and piccolo of course) :hap:
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