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  1. Today while out shopping with my mum we went into our local pet shop just to have a look around... 20mins later and with much debate we walked out with a beautiful little yellow budgie. It was love at first sight! His name is Renji... if he is a he. I’m not 100% sure. He’s so quiet and docile which is a shock since my first budgie Holly was very feisty and still is. I've got him in a new cage and away from Holly for quarantine but he wants to get over where she is and sits close to the side of his cage to try and see her. it’s very cute! She has shown no interest in him at all so far and hasn't even looked in his direction. What would be the best way for me to introduce them and eventually get them in the same cage without any drama? Also Renji seems to be huge in comparison to Holly and shes nearly a year old! will this be a problem? Here are some photos of him. They arent the best but i didn't want to handle him to much till he gets settled in. If anyone can give me an estimate on how old he is or if in fact he is a he that would be great! Also i'm curious as to what mutations he has. I've only just started reading about mutations but can't figure them out for the life of me! And heres and old photo of Holly so shes not left out!
  2. Here are some pictures of my little budgie holly. i'm still trying to determine how old she is but i think she may be between 4-6 months old This was a few days after i got her. i was lucky to get the picture as she didn't want to stand still! This is the first time i let her out of her cage for a run around. she thought it was an excellent idea to climb the phone cord. after shooing her away from that she then proceeded to climb the screen door. I'm now trying to budgie proof everything! Her wings are cliped so she cant fly around and i keep a very close eye on her when i have her out since shes not tame and likes to run away. I've been handling her a fair bit as the breeder told my friend that brought her for me that it would make her more use to people and tame faster. but i think it just upsets her and she bites me very hard even though i dont react to it. so i'm not sure what to do. but i'll give her some more time to get use to me :ygbudgie:
  3. Digital


    Hi everyone, i'm a new budgie owner! On friday i was given my cute little budgie as a suprise christmas gift. Shes a girl and in the spirt of christmas her name is Holly. i'm not sure how old she is but she looks like shes still a baby. (not that i know much!) The first day i got her she snobed me turning her back when ever i went near her cage. When inside shes very quiet but when i move her cage outside she loves talking to the wild parrots that hang around. She's very much and acrobat! doing somer saults which look painful! Holly also sleeps clinging to the side of her cage which freaked me out at first but she looked okay. I'm really happy that i found this forum because i've had so many questions and worrys and so far i have found all the answers i need! I look forward to bugging you with some newbie questions!
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