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  1. i really like your holding cages, Im making another breeding cabinet and i might have to copy your design. it looks great well done.
  2. my dads is a concreter i will ask him later when he gets home but im pretty sure it doesnt because when i work with him you don't have to where any breathing protection and it doesn't really smell either.
  3. lol i love Kaz's explainations of the male finding the nest and yes it can happen very fast, i believe it only takes a female about 10 days to start to lay once they have mated( correct me if i am worng). i have also just introduced a pair into a breeding cabinet and they are showing similar signs, so goodluck and keep us posted.
  4. congrats they look so cute all up in one corner together
  5. congrats they look great keep us posted as they grow
  6. some pics maybe? please
  7. congrats, some pics would be nice
  8. is this their first time raising a clutch
  9. i have the same book but it is an newer edition and doesn't have it
  10. i think it is because they are more active in the cooler weather and they need energy to keep warm so yes i recken they do
  11. Goodluck it would be great to see some pics
  12. great work Daz i bet the budgie appreciate it
  13. Congrats, so i am guessing that only 3 were fertile
  14. Goodluck please keep us posted
  15. i have heard of a mates kitten catching a baby dugite and can i ask what you did with the snake
  16. how many days since the first egg was laid?
  17. i agree with maesie, it should be a neat litle place when you are done.
  18. very cool i hope i have a big budgie family like yours one day
  19. Sounds like he has a great personality
  20. very cute budgies and they look like they are very well tamed
  21. i dont think eucyluptus leaves causes animals to get stoned, the reason koalas look stoned is that the leaves aren't very nutritious and it is the only think koalas eat and there metabalism is very slow meaning they have very little energy. i have never feed it to my budgies so i dont know if it good or bad for them
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