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  1. deb


    I have not posted for a long time because i have been busy. Last week my beautiful handraised girl Roxy died, i am still struggling to cope with her loss and cannot believe she is gone. I have a plastic pipe in my aviary that i put branches in and during the night last week she somehow manage to squeeze herself behind it and it looks like she must have broke her neck while trying to get back out. A few people on here will remember her, she nearly died as a baby but i manage to help her survive. She was nearly 3 years old and i feel like i did not have enough time with her. Even though she was living in the aviary she still came to me when i went in and perched on my shoulder and would give me kisses. I miss her so much. She was a very special budgie.
  2. Hey i like when people are interested in birds it helps me through my day :D

  3. I have a pair with 3 babies aged 28 days, 25 days and 18 days old, the hen is wanting to start a second clutch and i do not want her to. She has a eggbum and big poos so i was going to remove her and let the male finish raising the chicks but i am worried that if i move her to a cage with no nestbox that she will decided not to lay the egg due to nowhere to lay and the stress of taking her away from her babies. She is still looking after her babies well.
  4. I was wondering should she still need to have a warm light on.
  5. The hen is making a slow recovery which is great, i thought i would show some photos of her progress. This was taken after she injured herself, she could not even hold her head off the ground. Today i found her up on the perch, she has regain movement in one leg and can sit upright now.
  6. Thanks GB, i am lucky she is a placid hen who will let me handle her.
  7. Thanks Dave, i have her under a lamp and have been giving her a spinach which she loves to eat . i have decided to give her a week and if she does not improve i will have to make a decision. i am so hoping she recovers, she is a beautiful greywing.
  8. I have a hen that got eggbound and when she recovered i went to put her back into the aviary. When i took her into the aviary i got her out of the cage with my hand and she flew out of my hand and flew headfirst into a wooden post. She fell to the ground and could not get back up again. She did this on Saturday afternoon and is in a hospital cage. she is eating fine and her poos are normal but she cannot use her legs. she pulls her self across the floor of the cage with her beak. I have no taken her to the vet because i did not feel their was anything that they could do for her and they would advice me to put her to sleep. What i am wondering is it possible to recover from a head injury?
  9. Not sure if she is going to make it, i think she is on a suicide mission.The eggbound issue got fixed and she was eager to get out of the hospital cage so i was going to put her back in the aviary. When i put her back into the aviary she flew off my hand and flew headfirst into a wooden post. She fell to the ground and cannot fly or perch now. I have her back in the hospital cage and she is sitting on the bottom of the cage very quiet. i am hoping it is just shock and not a brain injury.
  10. I only had one other nest to put them into, it had 3 babies and one egg in it but the mum somehow knew they were not hers and would not sit on them. They were smaller eggs then her egg so she i knew which egg was hers. I keep finding the hen sitting on her chicks and egg but the other eggs were pushed to the other end of the nestbox. I left them with her for a day but she would not accept them and i had no other nest to put them into so i decided to toss them because they had not been sat on for a night and day. I realised the first hen had left her nestbox because she was eggbound.
  11. I decided to move the eggs to another nest.
  12. I have a pair with 6 eggs and the hen is still laying but i went to check them this morning and the pair are not in the nestbox and the eggs are very cold. I have candled them and the first 3 are fertile but because she seems to have spent the night out of the nestbox will the chicks in the eggs stop developing. what would cause this to happen and what should i do with the eggs. i have been checking her for the last hour and she is not going into the nestbox, i put her into the nestbox a couple of times but she came straight back out.
  13. What would be a good partner for her then so i could get some greywing babies. I have her with a cinnamon wing but i only added them to the cabinet yesterday so i can still change her partner. I have no male greywings but i do have a mauve normal.
  14. i have a hen that i thought was a cinnamon wing but i have put her into a breeding cabinet with a male cinnamon wing and her wings are a lighter colour than his . Now i am not sure of her mutation. Can someone give me their opinion please?
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