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  1. Most of us are in Australia BJ...
  2. That looks much more his size. For taming and training I'd look at the FAQ's. They have some good info there. It's going to be something the parents do with help from the kids when able. The kids especially will need to learn how to handle/approach him, and taming time and out of cage time will need to be done only when parents are around and paying attention. I have always clipped the wings of inside birds. For me it made handling much eaiser. If I was ever get another pet one I'd do the same again. http://forums.budgiebreeders.asn.au/faqs/index.php?action=artikel&cat=3&id=155&artlang=en
  3. This topic is from 2006 and the topic starter is no longer active. Please look carefully before bringing such old topics up.
  4. Welcome. Lots of awesome info here. Check out the FAQ's and don't be afraid to ask anything. We were all new once.
  5. I can't help you with their genders but forgot to mention millet as a good treat food. If you plan on taming them it's great as bribery as they love it... once they know what it is. You can hang a piece in there for them and once they're not scared of it and eat it, use the other bits as bribery for getting them to step up etc...
  6. They are cute as!!! Congratulations I have to agree with Kaz about the seed... do NOT remove it, gradually or anything. They will starve and die. Instead introduce some veggies etc... and sprinkle some seed on it, as suggested... but do not remove their seed bowl. Getting them to eat different foods can take time but that's okay. You can also experiment by clipping some bok choy or other dark green leafy stuff (not lettuce) to the sides of the cage. They may be interested in nibbling on it. Also agree on stopping or only using occasionally the sticks, as they contain lots of sugar. The behavior of climbing into the seed dish is also normal at that age. Again congrats!
  7. How's it going Tinkerbell? Taming is such fun and is a great way to interact with your budgie. I'm sure you'll both benefit from it and I look forward to hearing all about your journey and would LOVE some photos
  8. YES!!! Even if you just had the budgies in there, colony breeding (which is breeding in groups) often leads to deaths of chicks AND parents. As a new breeder you and better off buying a breeding cage and taking a pair out and putting them in there. The fact that you have other birds in the aviary also I would definitely NOT breed any bird in this situation. Also, you mention you got them 3 months ago, do you know how old they are? As you need to be sure they are above 12 months of age before breeding.
  9. I see no problem with this topic and as it hasn't already be removed or deleted, I assume the others Admins agree with me. I can't offer you any personal advice Kaitlyn, but wanted to wish you the best of luck!
  10. It's an awesome cause. Thanks Dave and good luck with yours!
  11. Yesterday was the day and we had a great afternoon tea and shave. It looks like I'll raise over $1,000 which is just awesome for the Leukemia Foundation. Here are some before, during and after photos.
  12. Hi and welcome! Yes they poo a lot don't they!!!!! Don't be nervous, everyone was new once and we're a pretty friendly bunch. Cute babies too.
  13. 10 days to go... and I've raised $670 so far.
  14. maesie


    Awwww so sorry!!! Big hugs to you xoxo RIP Blueberry <3
  15. I can't give you feeding advice, but I agree it will be a long tough road. But also remember the parents often push out chicks/babies when they know something is not right. No saying this is the case but they often know even before we do. Good luck.
  16. Dad has what he thought was corn growing in his garden but it turns out it's millet. It's where he often throws the seed husks etc... so makes sense. It's quite tall and all but one 'spike' is just starting to look like millet yet still green and small. The tallest spike is quite big and has the hairy tufts growing off it too, yet it is also still green. From what I have read, you let it keep growing and then dry off till it looks like the millet you see in shops, so light golden/brownish then cut it off and store or feed it to them... yes??? I know it shouldn't be fed too often, but it was quite an exciting find to have our very own 'lolly' bush in our backyard lol.
  17. Thanks for the update and photos... They're so cute and I'm glad they continue to get along well.
  18. I'd love to see some belly bump progress photos if you'd be happy to share them. I'm not going to have children and I love to live through others
  19. Awwww, congratulations! Hope you're feeling well and the pregnancy goes well.
  20. Thanks Kaz... Anyone can sponsor me Birdluv, but the money itself goes to the Australian Leukemia Foundation.
  21. As the title says, I'm raising money for leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or a related blood disorder. For those that don't know, coming up in March is 'The World's Greatest Shave'. It's where people shave or color their hair to raise money for cancer. This year I have decided to join in and shave my head. All money raised will go towards the support of patients suffering such illness' and research. Some facts... - Blood cancer research is expensive but vital. The money you give will help fund important research into leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood disorders. - Every 46 minutes someone in Australia gets the news they have blood cancer. The money you give will also support them from diagnosis, during their treatment and beyond. If anyone would like to sponsor me and help such an important cause, I'd be very grateful. Just click on the link which will take you to my page. I'll be more than happy to post before, after and during photos. The shave it's self will take place Saturday 17th March. My link: http://my.leukaemiaf...dUjuzE.facebook The link to the Leukaemia Foundations site and World's Greatest Shave: http://www.worldsgreatestshave.com/ Thank you again for taking the time to read this and for any support and/or sponsorship.
  22. Impressive photography Buzz!
  23. maesie


    Mine LOVE the branches and love demolishing all the bark. They'll enjoy it I'm sure.
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