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  1. Hi All, I am currently sitting on a computer at the airport, my plane has been delayed by an hour!!! As Sunnie said...I'm off on the holiday of a lifetime for the next few months, but I will hassle Andrew to take some piccies of our new birds and put them online!!! It was a fantastic experience and great to meet Liv & Sunnie (and fiance). I will definitely stay 'in touch' whilst i'm away!!
  2. Thankyou for the advice everyone, very much appreciated! We too are only 'going to look', I say that...but we will still take the carry case with us. I realise the way to ensure we don't bid, would be to leave the carry case at home, but that would be practicle wouldn't it!! Will be very interesting though. Looking forward to meeting some forum members too
  3. Hi Cara, I just read your thread...Molly is a little sweety. Your description of Molly chasing Blue around your desk made me laugh!!
  4. Gee Kaz, that would make sense wouldn't it!!! I'll go first. My fiance and I will both be there on Sat morning. See you all there!
  5. I'm getting very excited!
  6. Pink budgie carry case... Cream hoodie with grumpy boyfriend.... okay doke!! Note sure what colour hair i'll have, as I'm going to the hairdresser's Friday afternoon!! I wonder how many people go to these auctions?
  7. Before sounds good. I haven't been there before, so not sure the best place to meet. Maybe somebody will have to wear a bright red jumper Unfortunately....I don't have one!
  8. I'll be there. Would it be best to meet before or after the auction do you think?
  9. Hi there...welcome to the forum. Your budgie is absolutely gorgeous!!!
  10. How fabulous!!! Love the tiles for the kitchen. I can not wait until we own our own house and can build a bird room!!!! Your's is so inspiring! I've joked to my fiance, that our aviaries and birdroom will be fitted out before our house will be
  11. Today's Pics Chick 1..my guess is Yellow, Opaline Spangle (like dad). Turning out very pretty. Chick 2... Normal green??? I can't see any green, only yellow though. Chick 3... Dom Pied... Violet??? Is it, is it???? Definately looks like it in natural light. Fingers crossed! Chick 4...Sky blue, opaline, spangle...same as dad I think. Chick 5...still quite tiny and very white, with only a little bit of blue. Not sure yet!
  12. That makes sense and will help in guessing who's from who!!
  13. What's in there that makes it so appetizing for them? Mine very rarely touch their veggies. I love your violet opaline at the back, very vibrant! You can tell I'm a sucker for violets from the colour of my new signature!
  14. Excellent, thankyou. Can you tell the split recessive pied because of the small white spot on the back of it's head? If it's "split" does that mean it won't have recessive pied markings? Also confirms that "Mellow" is definitely hiding dom pied.
  15. This is "Baby", she is the daughter of "Mellow" (see my other thread). Baby surrogated one of Mellow's eggs and also an egg of another budgie, in addition to her own eggs. She has four healthy little chicks, but I have no idea, which chicks survived!! So it's a very mixed bunch. Oh, I forgot, I also put an egg from a hen I purchased and had in quarantine under her aswell. So, as a result, can't look anything into the 'breeding' of her little clutch, just enjoy watching them grow up!! In my other thread I was talking about how Mellow, had produced a couple of DF Dom Pied, Baby is one of them. You can clearly see her iris rings in the photo below, and her recessive pied looking markings. Can somebody confirm, she is a DF dom pied for me please. In the pics, you can clearly see two bubs, the other two are smaller and she didn't want to get off them.
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