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  1. thank you for your reply Kaz. Does a respiratory problem happen so quickly? .. or iodine deficiency? Cheers Sue
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes it seems voluntarily, sort of in time to breathing, however having said that, she doesn't appear distressed at all. She also seems to keep her head /beak pointing "up". Very strange - cause it's just come on all of a sudden!
  3. Hi all, I haven't posted for ages mainly because Blinky has been quite happy and healthy. .. .. until now! I cleaned out her cage yesterday as per "normal" and put in some new sprays of Acacia leaves (which she loves) - everything as usual. She played around in her cage for the rest of the day and this morning. She's been quite happy through the day until this evening I noticed she started "squeaking". At first I thought it was cute (ie a cute sound she is mimicking), however I noticed she's continuing to just squeak, squeak, squeak. Even when she's eating (which I thought was a good sign ie not sick) she's squeaking. Also, every now and then she''ll sort of sneeze as if she's trying to clear her throat (sort of like when she's just drunk water). And the squeaking seems to be in time to her breathing along with being fluffed up the whole time. Does this sound strange?? Sue
  4. Thank you all so much for your help ... yet again!! I'll keep you posted on how I go .. that is if I can still type after she bites my fingers to shreds!
  5. Here's a better picture - i hope!Hi Kaz,mmmm, may be a bit tricky to bathe the eye - she's not really finger tame at all (there-in lies another length issue ) - matter-of-fact she goes CRAZY when I have my hand in her cage just to clean it. I think holding her and batheing her eye may cause her major stress. If that's the case should I take her to a vet.Not sure about the feather mites - (you probably have guessed I'm very new to the budgie owning club!) what should I look out for?Sue
  6. Hi, Noticed a darkish area around Blinky's eye (only this eye) is this a problem? She appears to be molting at the moment too maybe that's something to do with it? Many thanks Sue
  7. Thanks so much for your help .. especially Libby for adding the pix (ps, do you know what I was doing wrong? :hap: )
  8. Hi, So sorry, I'm new here and I'm having trouble posting the photos .. put them in using photobucket and the tree-like "insert link" button - I see them in the body of the post, but not in preview.
  9. Hi All, We bought our budgie Blinky in November (think aged 12 weeks). As she was our first budgie I posted a few questions which you all kindly helped. After including some photographs, most members thought she was a girl. Here's the latest photo of Blinky - but with what appears to be a blue cere .. mmmm, what do you think? I think she'd be about 8 mths old now - should it be turning brown / pink by now?. But "just" above her cere, on her feather line it's brown Also, the little "tuffs" of feathers around her face - what are they? Or just where she's lost her "baby" feathers? Many thanks Sue
  10. Thanks everyone for the help and advice! Think we just have to be patient! :fear. Final question is .. should we get a second budgie for company? Blinky looks so lonely! I realise she won't "tame" as easily, however I'd prefer her to be happy!
  11. I'm kind of pleased to read that.. my Maxie (girl) is very very quiet and "sedate", rarely plays and just chirps very softly to her mirror, has a very soft "voice". Not at all interested in getting tamed. Charley (boy) is totally opposite. (they're in separate cages in separate rooms). He is noisy, talks well... and loud, plays almost ALL day, totally tame and also much much bigger and fluffier than Maxie, who to me looks tiny. I thought she was "weird" as I compared her to him, but now I am beginning to discover they are just totally different personalities. They are both happy in their own way. Perhaps Blinky has a similar quiet disposition as Maxie and Patty do. It's very reassuring to read that it may be her personality. I kind of think so too. My next question would be do I get a 2nd bird for her as company .. she looks so lonely in the cage!
  12. Hi Kaz, All I've noticed is lots of tiny little feathers around her cage - stuck to the bars etc, - haven't noticed spikey ones coming through though. Generally, do budgies on their own move around a lot, sing, fossick in their cages etc? When she just sits, she still seems happy - just not active.
  13. Hi Kaz, Those photos were taken on the night we brought her home from the pet shop - think the poo stuck around her bottom cleared up pretty quickly - so possibly due to the stress of it all. Here's her latest photo that I took tonight "> Maybe she just sits cause of the trauma / frustration of her wing being clipped? But she doesn't even "fossick" around on the floor of her cage etc Sue
  14. Hi, Here is a couple of pictures when we first bought her - 5th November 07 ">">
  15. Hi All, Blinky is our first budgie - she was purchased for our 9 year olld son's birthday approx a month ago - we think she' was about 12 weeks old. And we are desperately trying to tame her (we got her from a pretty good pet shop in our area). I've noticed that she just sits alot - sings crazily whenever she hears lorikeets outside - but other than that she just sits. I've seen her eating (usually in the evening) so that's all okay, and occasionally goes from perch to perch, however NOTHING like the budgies I see in the pet shop. I realise that they have several other companions, but even some of them are sitting looking at the side of the cage, chatting away to nothing. WE've contemplated getting her a companion - but my son really wants to tame her. And that's another issue! Keep reading how it does takes time, but we're not having much luck. She's happy enough when I have my hand in her cage changing the seed, cleaning etc - but when we go to put out our finger (to teach her to sit on it), she goes crazy & flaps away etc. The other day we got her out of the cage (using the perch she was sitting on) by just slowly taking her out through the door, and surprisingly she just climbed up onto her cage .. and just sat. We thought she go crazy and flap around in her new found freedom. (She has had her wings clipped though). So, will she become more "active" and maybe we should get some toys for her to play with (any suggestions of what).. and should we just keep going with the finger taming and one-day we may have luck? (have also read the great articles on this site on taming). Someone suggested holding in your hands gently, and let her climb up through them (like climbing through a tunnel)? - that is was supposed to tame them?! .. Sue (Blinky and Ben)
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