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  1. She is a very pretty little girl .
  2. What a beautiful quote maesie, thankyou for sharing that with us. Life can be so very cruel and all we can do is soldier on with the knowledge that each day things will get just that little bit easier and look a little bit brighter. Rest In Peace little Archie, you were quite obviously much loved by many and will live on in their hearts forever. Sending more hugs your way maesie.
  3. Sorry to hear about your accident Zebra and the loss of your budgies. Hope you get better soon .
  4. Hi and welcome ediri, your budgies are very cute.
  5. What a terrible accident! I hope the little one pulls through.
  6. Great shots, I really love Barneys' colour .
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum tabraz .
  8. Big, big hugs for you maesie, take some time to rest up and relax (as best you can) after these last undoubtedly emotionally draining few weeks.
  9. Keep persisting and you will get there eventually. Good luck :bluebudgie: .
  10. Great photos, they all look like very happy budgies . ....I'm 19 and I still think it's more fun to feed my pets my food :glare: (Even if I don't feed it to them, they generally take it off me anyway ).
  11. They do make a very lovely couple .
  12. It is a good idea, but my budgies also go through the branches that quick it wouldn't make much difference .
  13. I suppose you could always give it a try. Is it natural colours/flavours etc, or are there preservitives and other additives in it? If it were me, I'd stick with fresh fruit and veggies. With the right combo your budgies can get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they require .
  14. Bec Sta

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    Hi and welcome to the forum to you and your birds.
  15. Very nice pics Wayno, you have some gorgeous budgies. I love the little violet too.
  16. Beautiful girls you have there Kaz .
  17. Very informative site. I agree Liv, I find trill the best too.
  18. That's awesome, well done Runt!
  19. All the best Karen, can't wait to see what the chicks will be like .
  20. I've finally decided which pairs I'm going to be using for my first time breeding. First Pair: Estel & Arwen Second Pair: YF2 & Hera Third Pair: Spunk & Cinnamon 3 of the budgies (YF2, Spunk & Cinnamon) are in quarantine at the moment, so I'll have to wait a few weeks to 'pair them up'. Arwen & Estel are in their breeding cage and I caught them checking out the nest box yesterday evening.
  21. Bec Sta


    ....Do I detect a hint of sarcasm? :(Laughing out loud):
  22. Very pretty budgies, I especially love the little violet one in the background of the last picture .
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