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  1. Very nice cage, all your budgies are beautiful .
  2. Sounds like you are off to a great start. Ah, where would we be without millet ....Very cute video too by the way!
  3. Millet seed (or sometimes it's called millet spray) is a treat given to budgies, and other birds awsell . It looks like this *Click Here* I buy it from pet/bird shops or sometimes from the supermarket.
  4. 1. what do i use to line the bottom of the cage? I use newspaper. 2. what kind of food can they eat? i'm getting 2 babies There is quite a range of food available for budgies, as apart of their everyday diet and for occasional treats. I give my budgies daily: seed, fresh veg and water and once a week either a piece of millet, arrowroot biscuit, sunflower seeds or honey seed stick. For more info on food check out the FAQ's. 3. is buying in bulk better? for 2 budgies? Refering to seed? For just two budgies I don't think you would need to buy in bulk. When I just had the two budgies a 2kg b
  5. The poor little thing . I agree with the others, the budgie needs to see a vet quick smart.
  6. Hi and welcome to you and your gorgeous budgies. Well done on the rescue, I am sure they are much happier in their new home .
  7. They're all gorgeous Lib, so hard to choose a favourite!!
  8. Hi and welcome to you and Trilby . She is a very pretty little girl.
  9. Wow that would be awesome, talk about a dream job, best of luck!!!! If you do happen to get in, I demand plenty of pictures :hap: .
  10. Great picture's, your budgies are adorable. Loved the story NickNack!
  11. Happy Birthday/Anniversary Petie, looking forward to seeing your new aviary.
  12. Bec Sta

    :d News

    They are gorgeous, I'm glad Elvis is settling in well .
  13. Hi and welcome, I'm very sorry for your loss. Little one.