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  1. then why the lack of iris rings?? he is far from being a baby now. Unless he is getting his rings very late, there is not a single sign of them coming in. :rofl:
  2. This boy is all grown up now and i am still scratching my head He has no trace of iris rings... DEC ?????????
  3. That is fascinating. I hadn't noticed the name trend at all - but i can see it now. What about personal names for cars?? I love my new Mazda and I have named her Celeste, because she is Celestial blue
  4. I love that budgie wrapping paper that you can get from the cheap shop, that has the extremely rare, white faced green variety
  5. I have wire cages and i spray them with the high pressure hose then let them sit in the full sun for 6+hours. The sun is the words best disinfectant. with my wooden nest boxes, i just keep records of who used it, and if there was any french moult or other deasease in that box, it gets tossed in the bin and I make a new one
  6. That is so beautiful and i love all the sentimental items you have. it will be stunning
  7. It's a hobby for me too. I have spent thousands on the birds so far and have only had about $30 of sales in the last 12 months One day it would be nice if they can provide enough income to pay for the expenses of keeping them I know a breeder who is a multi-millionaire from his budgies, so it can happen, but like any business, It's a long way to the top, if you want to rock and roll
  8. I agree with Daryl and Kaz. Culling to me, is sorting out birds to sell. I have to do a huge cull soon as i have way too many birds. Want to get my numbers right down to about 50, or less. I agree that the word "cull" is not a good word to use for this, but it is what has stuck with the breeders. Same as when a breeder says: "I have put a pair of birds down" it doesnt mean they have killed them, it means they are in a cabinet to start breeding.
  9. Looks fantastic!! I am not a fan of carpet! Tiles are so much easier to clean!
  10. **Liv**


    Very interesting thread. Will be following this. I can look at the photos, but i don't think i wouldn't have been able to watch the procedures - brave girl!
  11. thanks everyone. It means a lot. Cirrus was moulting, which proved the "experts" wrong on that. He had normal pin feathers growing in, but they were just longer than normal. His weight was normal and all was doing fine. however, Cirrus, like Shaggy, started to develop these very strange feathers that were incredibly thick at the shaft, about 4 times thicker than a normal feather. These feathers were almost like dreadlocks in appearance and seemed to draw a lot of blood. If one came out, it would bleed profusely as a large artery was exposed. I have had to use pepper and pressure to stop the bleeding of these odd feathers before. I am sad i wasn't there to help Cirrus when he needed me most, but his end was always expected to be premature, so i was a little more prepared than normal.
  12. Cirrus passed away this afternoon while i was out. He lost a feather with a large quill from his breast and bleed out All three FD's died with blood related causes. pictorial life of Cirrus And the latest... and last pictures... Cirrus lived a well and happy life... i hope we have all been able to learn a little about his condition as well. Rest in peace my beautiful boy
  13. **Liv**


    Personally, I believe everything happens for a reason, whether that is Kama or God or some form of fate... it all seems to have a reason
  14. Does she make a different chirp than the others?? FD's sound quite different. Keep an eye on the head feathers - on a FD, the base of the feather shaft always has 2-3mm of sheath on it from continuous growing. I agree the flights are fairly tidy for a FD but she defiantly looks like a FD to me otherwise. Cirrus and Quilla at around 4 weeks old
  15. So sorry for your losses I wouldn't blame the magpie for the canary deaths. Personally, i would suggest that there was a latent desease in the canaries, that became active with the stress of being put in a different cage.
  16. This is such an exciting thread! I love antique furniture too.
  17. They are looking fantastic GB!!! Well done
  18. WOW great photos! feather mites live on the feather, but quill mites live in the feather shaft right?? How do we get rid of quill mites???
  19. these cages are fantastic! a great investment for a long lived and happy budgie, so well worth it if you can save up.
  20. OOOOOOOO that IS exciting!!!
  21. I have always washed my wire too when its new. When you do it, you can smell the zink coming off... it STINKS!!
  22. **Liv**

    My Cabinets

    Looks good. Careful of engine fumes if they are in the garage.
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