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  1. As your budgie moults, all his wing feathers will slowly turn yellow.. so will his body feathers
  2. Even me as a novice knows to sell the top of my culls privately, then anything left goes to the dealers. Selling the culls is the only way to make the money to feed the birds. when feeding 50kg of seed every month, it gets VERY expensive Where are you located and I am sure i would know someone within 20km of you
  3. **Liv**

    Hi There !

    Hello and welcome!! We are in the same clubs.. you must come and say hi next meeting
  4. if the doxy is working, they will perk up and look great in a few days. if the doxy is not working (meaning psittacosis is not the cause) then they will get sicker. if they are still looking sick with yucky poop after 5 days of doxy, contact your vet again.
  5. **Liv**


    You have a cock bird there
  6. I dont know about RAY, but the WSF is the Wilson Smith Family
  7. Lovely birds! very nice indeed :hmm:
  8. Hello and welcome Its great to have you here
  9. sounds like you are doing the right things so far. heat and quiet are vital. keep us posted
  10. **Liv**

    Where I Started From

    The progression is fantastic!!
  11. hello and welcome. If you dont want them to breed then i would toss away the egg - it would be addled with handling anyways. To hopefully break the egg laying cycle, change the cage around completely and ensure there is nowhere for your hen to create any form of nest.
  12. Hello and welcome. Here in our FAQ, we have some really useful information CLICK HERE It would be useful to our advice if we could see some photos of your birds and their setup. bird condition and setup is very important when breeding so pics will help us point you in the right direction
  13. Oh my!! I hadn't seen the news
  14. I agree. Our club did a test with birds on 12 mm perches vs birds on 16 mm perches. Those on the 16 mm perches sat taller and better than the smaller perches. :budgiedance:
  15. We have D cups in our shows here too , but it depends on the club running the show to decide if they are required or not. They are not a state wide requirement. It is mostly to reduce the seed that falls on the floor. Makes a big difference
  16. What fantastic results!!! Congrats Kaz and Gina :budgiedance: and I love all the photos ofthe show. Makes it feel as though I am there.
  17. Congratulations Chrysocome!!!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  18. I agree. This is a normal spangle, carrying Opaline gene so when you breed him you will get some opaline hens and split cocks.
  19. **Liv**

    Sad Day

    I am so very sorry :rofl: This is very sad news indeed. My deepest sympathy's.
  20. The albino would mask all the DF spangle including the eyes. you wouldn't know untill you breed her to a normal cock and only produce spangle chicks.
  21. **Liv**

    Making More Room

    it sure makes use of the space. its 3m by 3m so would have been a waste to close it up like i had initially planned. this is also the major advantage to wire cages. They are simply hosed off, dried in the sun, then folded flat and stored in the garage - 20 cages takes up around than 1 cubic meter of storage space =D
  22. **Liv**

    Making More Room

    We have around 80 or so blue and reds. oh and there is another 10 in the two wire cages on the floor that are just a little too young to join the flight yet We will have help with culling as i have never done it before. Culling makes me pretty nervous but it will be great to have an expert pick through our birds and tell us which ones are good and which ones have to go.
  23. I am at the end of my breeding season and i have reached almost around 150 birds to house. as We live on a suburban equivalent to a postage stamp, housing this many birds is not as easy as it may sound. We are getting ready for a major cull (selling - for those who don't like the "c" word ) in the next couple of weeks, so am looking forward to the added space and reduced feed costs. Anyway. today i had an idea and set to turning the breeding room into an aviary to house the red and blue ringers this is how it turned out I have used clips on the perches so i only have to unclip the dowels when its time to breed again. The door to the nappy flight is open and the birds have free run of the entire space. I have only put some of the blue ringers in there at the moment. Tomorrow i will be sorting through the other flights to pick out the rest of the blue and red rings. I am so excited about seeing all our babies together - finally Don't mind the saggy perches. the birds think they are fun to bounce on
  24. Yes, do send it to me too. You already know the names i can ask here
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