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  1. This is my girlfriends budgie and she asked me for gender advise... but I cant decide hen or cock???
  2. **Liv**


    thats a good one
  3. No, its not scaley face. When the beak starts to flake a little, its okay, she just needs a little more calcium and amino acids in her diet and it will clear up over time
  4. I have already flagged all offspring of this pair as having a Recessive FD gene in my records and plan to track the genes throughout the breeding. :hap:
  5. So pleased She loved the new Aviary! I bet she loved stretching her wings
  6. That girl never stops! How did she enjoy her holiday? last time she had a break she was depressed.
  7. What a beautiful story. She looks amazing now. Well done Maesie :fingerscrossed:
  8. Fantastic! You have made them beautifuly May I suggest adding short sides to the nest box insert to prevent nesting material falling out if you want to pull it out when chicks or eggs are in there :fingerscrossed:
  9. Congratulations VIC :fingerscrossed: :rofl: :rofl: Well Done SA :hap: and all the other states too
  10. Yes she has Renee's (hens) feather and her dad's posture, but she is a dumb as a brick that fell off the back of a truck, hence why we call her Dopey - Hopeful she will have enough sense to mate with the cock i have for her and then lay eggs in a box I still have Renee for this seasons breeding but the father has moved on to a new home as I have WAY too many YF. Thanks Dave, I think what they say about FD is very true :hooray:
  11. She will be home late monday, so if she is still feeling pretty i will take some pics of her Tuesday
  12. This is her last weekend at the State selection show where she came 2nd in the Yellow Face class
  13. **Liv**


    Hello and welcome Your hen is a normal green and your cock is a normal cobalt. Normal means their markings are original budgie markings, rather than opaline, spangle, pied etc
  14. Thank you, I am very happy that she could beat two other birds at a National level!
  15. **Liv**


    I personally think that flecking is a dominant gene as it seems to behave in the same way as the dominant varieties such as Spangle, dominant pied and Yellow face.
  16. I wish i was going! I have a YF hen competing in the SA team and would love to watch the judging
  17. I'd pull out the ruined tail feathers too, so he looks better faster He would have just finished his April moult so it will be long wait until the next tail change. The next moult is only a head moult i believe
  18. **Liv**


    The dark marks seen in this hens cap, called flecks is what is known as flecking
  19. Its pretty rare for a parent fed baby to get sour crop. It normally comes with hand raising. Chicks will only get sour crop if they are fed sour food, so keep the food and water fresh and all will be fine :yes:
  20. I have seen this twice. Once in a breeding cabinet at a friends place where the cock would pluck out all this flights and body feathers. The other time was a hen in an auction who had ripped out all her tale feathers and flights while fretting in the cage. I would most definitely put the cause as excessive stress or some sort of serious anxiety issue. Birds that are known to be stress cases, I have been told, pass the trait on to their chicks...
  21. They are beautiful Kaz! Its so fun watching their features grow in :yes:
  22. this is so sad, your poor ute I hope you are okay :ohmygod: Was the weather bad?? what made it happen??
  23. He's beautiful Kaz well done. And well done Renee too.
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