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  1. Thanks KAZ I had a nother look at him... the old feathers are plain white and black, but the new feathers are quite brightly coloured where the white used to be inbetween the black markings.... its like he is changing colour.... He is also a sea green colour... is this because of his yellow/golden face?
  2. Hi Guys, Just wonding what is up with my little boy's markings??? he's a a bit of a mess and i hope its just because he is multing. He hatched in early November, so is about 10 weeks old. Also what type are his markings because he has very pretty yellow and green all though them - on his wings, flights and through his head etc too...???? Thanks, Liv
  3. great signature - (Laughing out loud) pleased you like it liv
  4. what a pretty bird My understanding is that all cinnamon violets are female? a real cutie, and will make someone very happy, what ever the gender
  5. :hap: !!!WELCOME !!! :hap: They worked!!! They are lovely birds.. I'm not really good with mutations, but you are in the right place to get your answer :fear I did notice your perches however.... don't forget to use at leaset 1 thick natural perch in each cage so that the birds feet are not in the same position all the time. Good luck with your breeding Liv
  6. Thanks Libby Yes, She is a cutie just the same. Liv
  7. I would be happy to create a signature for you. I quite enjoy playing with pictures. PM me if you are still interested
  8. What is a Dusk mutation??? Sounds pretty... has any one got a picture?
  9. After reading Norms info on golden face genes, it has made me wonder if they little guy is one too???
  10. That is very scary!!! Is there standards for pet toys like there is with childrens toys? Our precious pets are just as suseptible to choking and strangulation as our gorgous children are... thanks for the warning! liv
  11. I have found my nearest bugie club in SA.... Budgerigar Society Of South Australia Incorporated 17 Vine St Surrey Downs SA 5126 ph: (08) 8288 7936 It's 1 hour drive from me so I may not be able to get him there until after Christmas. I dont know any breeders in my area who are professional. Most are like me and breed budgies for fun. There is a bird breeder/shop which is about 15 mins from me. I purchased him from there, but i am feeling like his quality of birds is getting bad. I have observed birds for sale there with seriously bad mites etc... I dont really want to take my boy into this environment. yuk!! He is not in any visible discomfort, which is why I probably havn't noticed his toe until now. I feel sooo bad that its gone untreated for so long
  12. Thanks for that... I just gave it a try...I rapped him in a black cloth to help calm him (he is semi tame) and I clipped the claw as short as I could without getting the vein... I still couldnt get the toe free. I couldn't get the ring up high enough to get the toothpick under. I would say ring cutters are is what is needed... I will set too and find some one with some cutters... can I buy some??? Or is it something for experienced hands??? Thanks so much for all your help... liv
  13. Thanks for your replys guys I have tried to gently move the ring up but it doesn't go up high enough to release the toe. I dont want to use any force. I think your right and it looks like it might have been there all the time and poorly fitted in the first place. If this is the case will he be in pain when the ring is removed??? Im In Adelaide SA. If you know someone in Adelaides north that could help that would be great. Otherwise i will see if i can get into a vet.... know any vets that deal with birds in SA???? The local ones in my area (Gawler) dont really like it when i take in birds - they dont really know much about anything thats smaller than a rabbit (Laughing out loud).
  14. While brousing around this forum i learnt that the bands that are on the birds legs often have the year they hatched on them. I have 3 birds with bands and to my discust 2 of the 3 are over 10 years old - no wonder they are not breeding.... GRRRR!! . The 3rd budgie with a band is a wonderful breeder that I have had for about 2-3 years. (pictured - I have used a full sized photo to show his problem....) http://netsavvymums.com/personalpics/toe.jpg I caught him yesterday to take a look at the blue ring on his leg. There is no date on the ring . I then noticed that his inside rear toe is caught underneith the ring. I dont know if it's been like that all this time and I hadn't noticed, or if it's something that has just happened. I was very gentile, but I can't see any way that the ring can be moved to release the toe. Can the ring be removed??? it looks solid all the way around (no join) what do i do???
  15. "Come on! Tell me. Tell me. Tell MEEEEEE!!! Where has mum put our Christmas presents????"
  16. Thanks for your reply. The baby is old enough to start feeding its self. i have seen it on the ground muching in seed already. I will probably move it in with the hens so dad can concerntrate on his other 3 bubs. Thanks again. Merry Christmas. Liv
  17. I have two breeding pairs who have both had 3 clutches this season. Yesterday I removed both females to their own cage for a well earned rest. This morning I have noticed that the cock from one of the pairs looks like his is trying to mate with one of his own chicks. The chick, who has only just come out of the box this week, is looking for a feed from dad, but dad dosen't feed her, but instead he puts his foot on her back and looks like he is trying to mount her... She flys off before he can do anything else. Is this part of the weening process that I haven't noticed before? Or is it inappropriate behaviour??? The father has 3 fully fethered chicks still in the box to feed too. I have been keeping my eye on how he is doing as a solo dad and he is doing really well. Thanks, Liv.
  18. okay I'm an idiot.... I checked my records today.... That blue bub is from my other breeding pair! :fear OOPS!! I think I am going a little loopy!! Sorry guys. You are in fact right.... The two pieds have had only pied babies. Thanks again for your help. Liv
  19. Thanks so much for your help. Its wonderful to know my little one is a pied Thanks again. Merry Christmas. Liv
  20. Your babies look adorable :budgiedance: By the body language of the parents I would say a devorce is imminant (Laughing out loud) :ausb: Happy Holidays, Liv
  21. Thanks, Here are some pics of her parents... Mum with the bub in question :budgiedance: Mum Mum also has a sky blue patch on her rump. Dad... Thanks for your help Liv
  22. Just wondering if my new fledgling is a pied... This cheeky little bub wouldn't let me take a photo, so i snuck in while she was sleeping. Hence the droopy look on her face (Laughing out loud). She is a solid sky blue with normal black markings. I am asking about the white patch on the back of her the neck. It seems too low for pied makings. She also has 2 clear flights. Thanks Liv
  23. I was just about to post a question asking what type my new fledgling (6 weeks old) is.... well it seams that he/she is a DF dominant pied Pale yellow, with yellow face, and black markings on the head, he/she also has a dark blue patch on the rump. There are no other markings. Thanks
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