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  1. Yes, I plan to have chicks for that show :happy-dancing: I checked the eggs yesterday and there is quite a bit of fertility, but not as much as I had hoped. However many of these birds are maiden or have moved from interstate in the last 9 months, so the next round may be better. The reliable birds that I have bred before are doing all the right things. Why is it the hardest to breed from the expensive birds?? I am finding the ones that I invest in, always seem to have the least success :party0011: Last season I bred with a beautiful $200 spangle hen, and after one round she went blind - I still have her too. she is coping really well in the flights, and I may even try and breed with her, but I doubt it will work.
  2. I was at that show/ Auction too. I agree, next time we are all going to wear a green hat or something
  3. Oh that looks very sore indeed. If its caused by an injury or an irritant you can use human antibacterial eye-drops that you get over the counter from the chemist. one drop 3 times a day will clear it up. If there is anything else going on - Claggy poos or fluffy looking posture, then she will need to go to the vets.
  4. Hens have between 1 - 3 eggs at the moment
  5. If she is a weak chick, such as from lack of calcium, she may not have the strength to fly. She may have underdeveloped muscles. She may be too fat to get lift... Hold her on your hand and quickly move your hand down to make her flap. do you feel lift?? Photos????
  6. Thanks, its fun and busy. Running 18 cabinets and 2 flights is time consuming... back into full swing. The break was nice
  7. okay Photo time.... :rofl: :hap: These are my lacewing pair from Gina House Steve Elliot pair Armstrong and unknown Lutino Pair Armstrong Recessive Pied pair The Late John Fisher ( )Cock with one of my bred hens Armstrong cock with Feather duster sibling hen he also has this Armstrong hen too Gina House split lacewing cock with my bred hen - need to find a better hen for him. The above hen is perfect, ecept that she has missing flights like he does and I don't want to double up on that. There are 18 pairs all up but I didn't get photos of them all today. :yes:
  8. I have my birds in an uninsulated shed... I have found that a simple 40watt light turned on 24/7 is enough to stop any condensation... there is no damp even when there is 70 birds in there and all windows and doors are closed. Its great for preventing night frights as well, and doesn't bother the birds at night.
  9. Yep...she seems to have run out of eggs She is a green ringer. I was told hens were only born with between 40-80 eggs - she may have run out... literary... Looking forward to the chicks. you have VERY nice pairs :party0011:
  10. Thanks Splat. All your birds being related may cause their fitness (fertility) to fall. You may need a virile out-cross to add some fitness back to your breeding :party0011: Your violet sounds so beautiful
  11. We have been away for a short trip to Canberra, and have come home to many hens showing egg bums :party0011: Any day now and we will have the first eggs of the season I will have to try and get some photos of the pairs :laughter:
  12. I am married and my hubby likes the birds too.. errmm... budgies that is... i am lucky that way :party0011: I think its really important to have a shared interest in relationships. All the best finding someone special to share your interest with
  13. Nubbly, we have paired your lacewing hen with your split lacewing cock. And the other split lacewing cock with with our DF Spangle hen who has won me reserve novice and a number of other prizes. We need another hen for him, as i don't really want spangle markings through our lacewings, but this hen has a really nice body and I think she compliments him well so might be able to bring the markings back in a couple of generations.
  14. Today 007 and I have turned the breeding room back into a breeding room as it was a temporary aviary for the last few months. It has been great with the winter weather, being able to close off the cold and wet, and open it up in the nice weather. We have set up 18 cages, with 18 pairs. Most of which are Western Australian Bloodlines. We always get teased at the club about having so many WA birds - i am sure they are jealous really Hopefully we will have lots of good results to post here
  15. The baby got bitten by their Staffy and the pet shop said that there is no point going to the vets
  16. Been advised that this poor baby has died :) This is the result of poorly advising pet shops
  17. SA has a junior class, novice, intermediate and open... its all about to chance here I believe, with people who don't show enough getting put down into the previous status, until they are back in novice.... i think this is good to keep the open breeders on their toes. Here in SA there are very few in intermediate and junior.
  18. i just spied the cage in the background
  19. oh good.. i thought i was loosing it hahaha I will get her to take another boy was my lean too...
  20. This is my girlfriends budgie and she asked me for gender advise... but I cant decide hen or cock???
  21. **Liv**


    thats a good one
  22. No, its not scaley face. When the beak starts to flake a little, its okay, she just needs a little more calcium and amino acids in her diet and it will clear up over time
  23. I have already flagged all offspring of this pair as having a Recessive FD gene in my records and plan to track the genes throughout the breeding. :hap:
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