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  1. It is possible to turn a shed into an aviary. I did it myself. I wouldn't say its cheaper however as aviary mesh gets pricey. People are always selling second hand aviaries on ebay or in the local papers etc. you would be able to get them cheaper that way :)

  2. So sorry about Bing Libby :(


    Well done Sunnie on even getting to the show! I really wanted to go, but I had a shaky first round with all that nasty weather. I bread successfully about 2 weeks too late and my birds are too young to show... they are out of the boxes but are not perching yet... :rolleyes:


    Well done Squeak and Crumble on your prizes too :D

  3. I agree RIPbudgies. They are all different parents and i have had very similar experiences as you.


    If the parents are coping and the chicks are healthy then all will be well. As already mentioned, Keep an eye on the younger chicks as they can become lost among the hungry mouths and not be fed as well... also really young babies can get crushed under older siblings.

  4. Looks delicious! I agree about the skins... just wash everything well, but no need to peel it. You could also add some yummy fresh beetroot and fresh corn, and they would be in budgie heaven

    No need to peel the beetroot, and they love the leaves too

    No need to take the storks off the spinach... that's their favourite part.


    I used to feed my birds a delicate salad like yours once, but now they get whole vegitables, roots, leaves and all! and they love it!

  5. Quarantine is very important.

    As we all know, there are people who fluke nothing happening when introducing new birds, but there are many how are learning the hard way about birds that are harbouring diseases.

    It its your choice if you quarantine or not, but be assured that its a big risk to your birds if you don't. Some of us understand the importance of quarantine though first hand experience, and we try and save you the same pain.


    but anyway, in answer to your question.

    Your budgies are quite happy to share food. the feeding of each other is a very normal behaviour and shows affection. It sounds like they will be very happy together :D

  6. I hate putting birds to sleep. I have only tried two methods. The car and the suffocation. I actually preferred the car method, but our new car doesn't do the job any more... too eco friendly!


    I want to move the snapping necks I think. I my mind its the only instant and humane method of euthanasia that is also safe for my family - don't want to have drugs and poisons around my kids.


    Putting down birds is a rare thing for me. I don't need to do it very often, maybe a couple times a year *touches wood*

  7. We have all been sick the last few days and the birds have been mostly left alone to do their own thing. When I went out this morning to check boxes, I was pleasantly greeted by 5 pinkies :rofl:


    One pinky is from my hen that went to the nationals this year,


    and the chick is now under a reliable foster... its grandmother Renee...

    aww second generation in my breeding room :thumbs_up:



    Oh, I will get some more photos soon :kiss:

  8. Yes, they were all clear... I think she must have known and ate them to not waste the resources she used to lay them all.

    Before i went to take her out, she laid another egg, and she has laid another 2 since then and sitting perfectly. The cock she is with is one of my best ones, so I am really hoping to see some colour. She is a super breeding hen, and if this cock is going to produce, it will be with her.

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