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  1. Great to see you back Daz =D

  2. Thats Google for you And now that you have mentioned the "d" word there will probably be more of those ads now lol Honestly i never look at the ads either.
  3. What a disruption! I hate that feeling of limbo. I hope its all over sooner rather than later. Just think of all the improvements you can make to your new bird room and aviary design when its time to re do it - It can only be bigger and Better!
  4. Its great to have all this feedback. Over the next few months I hope to add the following features: SHOUTBOX! Members list Emotions Portal new skin (colours ) options and possibly a photo Gallery Keep the feedback coming, its much appreciated
  5. okay, I was just going on my experiences with them. All three of mine picked up stray feathers. The feathers would get drawn into the down and sat there looking just like yours. I used to remove a different coloured feathers from their underside every few days.... Cool that yours is something more special
  6. Not a halfsider.... pull the feather and you will see its not attached at the skin. Its just a stray feather from another bird that has been drawn in to his feathers... mine used to get them all the time, even the odd cockatiel feather would get pulled in!
  7. You are not going blind Jimmy The members list is not visible at the moment. It's just some settings that haven't been tweaked yet... Is the members list something that everyone would like to see??? If so i will click the required buttons
  8. WOO! Awesome! You have magic cleavage
  9. So cute! Hope he made the night. I have found this season very big for parents rejecting chicks... not fun
  10. Is hand rearing two baby budgies =)

  11. **Liv**

    Shed Aviary

    It is possible to turn a shed into an aviary. I did it myself. I wouldn't say its cheaper however as aviary mesh gets pricey. People are always selling second hand aviaries on ebay or in the local papers etc. you would be able to get them cheaper that way
  12. What a sweetie! Brings back memories of my feather dusters. Have you heard the weird squeak they make?
  13. Hey Jimmy, I dont see any weird code in any of your posts I have looked at... Can you link me to one that shows it please Other than this post that is
  14. So sorry about Bing Libby Well done Sunnie on even getting to the show! I really wanted to go, but I had a shaky first round with all that nasty weather. I bread successfully about 2 weeks too late and my birds are too young to show... they are out of the boxes but are not perching yet... Well done Squeak and Crumble on your prizes too
  15. I am so exited for you and Ken! What an adventure this will be!
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