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  1. 2 Male budgies and cage for sale. $45. The sky blue budgie is much bigger than the yellow one but doesn’t look like it in the pictures. Pick up is from Marleston, 5033. Adelaide http://i225.photobuc...1229_111454.jpg http://i225.photobuc...1229_111527.jpg http://i225.photobuc...1229_111545.jpg
  2. Hi kaz, I got some more pics of the black headed baby that you said isnt an opaline.... I took a few pics off its cere and hoping you can tell the sex for me. The pics arent too good, but hopefully you can get an idea..... One picture ( the LAST ONE ) was taken with the flash on and the others with it off. This last one is the flash picture - I think.... Im hoping its a male, but going by things ive seen online im swaying towards female.... thanks
  3. okay thanks.... I will put some new pics up tomorrow of the one with the black head.....hopefully i can get a good picture of the cere so you can determine the sex for me.... So, if the black head one isnt opaline, any ideas on what it is based on the previous pics, or do you need more close ups of its back and front ? cheers
  4. Hi Kaz, thanks for your reply... wow, so i possibly could have a male ? wow i hope so. which one isnt opaline ? the one with the pinky coloured head or the one with the black coloured head...... once i know that i will get some more pics of that one.... thanks again. jason
  5. Hi, Just wanted to get an update / opinion on my new babies..... Kaz kindly informed me that they were both female, but Im a little confused about the difference between the 2..... Once again here is the Dad Mum and dad The 2 babies, photo taken today. one is 17 days old and the other is 16 days old. The one the pinky white head is the oldest at 17 days old and the one with the black looking head is 16 days old..... Im assuming they are both going to be Blue like the mother, but Im confused as to why one has a pinky white looking head and the other has a black - grey looking head... Thanks, jason
  6. Hi Kaz, I find the genetic side of budgies very confusing...... I have no idea if thedad is split for blue. ...I could find out from the lady i got them from, she willdefinitely know.. When you say that white down makes them female, does that mean all baby budgiewith white down will be female ? Also, if she does breed again sometime in the future, does that mean i will getall females again ? Thanks again, jason
  7. Hi Kaz, Firstly, i Just want to thank you again for all the help andadvise you gave me with my 1st time breeding, It helped a lot... Just a recap for you in regards to the 7 eggs the hen laid. EGGS 1st Born 17th June 6am 2nd Born 18th June 6am 3rd Born 18th June – 3pm ( Premature, very small, yellow belly – Dead 19th June 8am ) 4th Born 21 June (Died 24th June 3pm – had not been fee bythe hen ) 5th wasnt fertile Henchucked it out the box 6th not fertile I removed it from the box. 7th Dead in shell, I removed it from box So basically I ended up with 2 babies from the 7 eggs. Bothseem very healthy and are doing well I guess it's not a really good result from 7 eggs, but Imvery happy I have 2 babies. By the way, The cock and hen are both 1sttime parents. So, Here are the pics I promised. Here is the Cock Here is the Hen. I couldnt manage to get a picture of her with a normal camera, so these pics are taken from my webcam which is hidden in the room. here are the 2 babies, taken today. They are 11 and 12 days old.. Any Idea on what type of colour they will be ? All blue like the hen, all yellow like the cock, or a mixture of both ? if I take a picture of the babies cere in a few days, will you also be able to tell the sex ? Or is it too early to tell ? Jason
  8. Yeah I think a jar feeder is a good option, thanks
  9. Hi, I seem to be waisting quite a bit of seed everyday.. I usually just half fill their bowl and change it the next day....... i know you can blow off the husks of the top, but i like to change it everyday....... So whats a good amount to give the birds per day.... i read that 2 teaspoons per bird is a good amount...... is this correct ? thanks Jason
  10. I have a webcam set up in the spare room and finally got some video of the birds mating.... Video 1 video 2 would those 2 short mating sessions be enough to fertilise the hen, or will they need to do it much more often......... Shes been going in the nestbox quite a bit but only stays in there a little while then come back out....... The male has never been inside, he seems afraid to go in......is this normal ? he does sit up on the perch near the entrance but she oftens chases him away Jason
  11. Hi, Just got a question regarding scaley face as its a very new topic for me...... I recently bought a male and female from a breeder..... The day i picked up the birds the lady told me SOME of the birds in her aviary had scaley face, but she had recently treated all the infected birds..... Im not sure if the ones she sold me had scaley face or not..... Im pretty sure the male doesn't have it as he looks fine to me..... However, Im not sure about the hen.... I know a healthy hen can get a crusty looking cere which my hen seems to have.........but im unsure how to tell the difference between a normal crusty cere on a hen , and a hen that has early signs of scaley face...... Ive been looking online to see what birds look like with scaley face and the pics i saw were pretty obvious as the pics were of severe cases......but what about early signs of infection..... Ive attached a picture of my hen.... its not a very good picture but hopefully its okay to determine if shes fine ... If you need a better picture let me know and i will try to get a clearer shot * Also, in the picture of the Hen, theres a little brown spot on her beak, just under the cere* ....Just wondering what that is also.... Im pretty sure the male is fine, but will show a picture of him too Thanks Jason.
  12. Hi, I was visting a breeder the other day to look at some of his birds... He got two birds out the aviary that were paired up and put them into a breeding cage.... before he put them in there, he turned them upside down and plucked out quite a few feathers near their vent area.... I asked why he did this and he said, he does it with all the birds he puts into breeding cages....Im still not sure why he done this.....Does anyone else ever do this ? Thanks Jason
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