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  1. Congrats on the 3 eggs. I breed cockatiels as well and like Liv said they are pretty much the same as budgies. They share incubation between the male and the female more than they do in Budgies pretty even on that one. I decieded to colony breed last year. Will never do it again. I had 2 females constantly fighting over nestboxes the males seem to keep out of it but the girls got really nasty and even hurt a couple of chicks. I offered them 4 nestboxes between the 2 pairs, all at the same height and they wanted the same one. At first I thought maybe it was just the corner but after moving the nestbox I quickly learnt it wasn't the corner but infact the box itself! After the fighting started to get worse and the chicks got injured I immedinetly moved the birds into cabinents and that seemed to have fixed the problem. You have a stunning aviary wish mine looked as good as that!
  2. That's some good news than. I hope she makes a quick recovery and it all works out.
  3. That's not a problem. Any news on weather or not it was egg peritonitis and if it was is it septic?
  4. Congrats on your bird's fertility. Can't wait to hear all about the chicks.
  5. I believe you are talking about yolk peritonitis?
  6. What beautiful budgies you have. He is such a cutie. It's funny how aggressive budgies can be to each other at times and yet how they can be so sweet natured towards there owners. I was once told that the only bird who is truly monogamist to one partner for life is the vulture. I had a pair of budgies called Oscar and Isabell they were my first pair. They lived in a aviary with 8 other budgies. When Oscar died of liver cancer Isabell passed a week later for no apparent reason. I had all the birds vet checked thinking maybe a disease had gotten into the aviary that the vet had not picked up on during Oscar's autopsy and they all came back clean. I have always put this down to her lonliness. Maybe I'm just being a romantic. lol
  7. That makes me soo mad! It annoys me that people think that ANY animal is cheap and easy to look after. It doesn't matter what animal you get the fact of the matter is that it is a living creature and will require daily, weekly, monthly and annual care. Animal care is not cheap especially after hours or specialist care where consultation fees alone can be well over $100. Most people don't realize that there is no medicare or PBS scheme available to animals like there is humans and therefore get charged what you would had you not been offered these services by the government. My biggest gripe has always been with pet shops who have inadequate training and knowledge about the animals that they sell giving information out to the general public. Too often you walk into a petshop and it is below the standard of care and hygiene that it should be and when you ask a question to staff they seem to only give you very minimal information or say 'I don't know' without directing you to someone who will know. It is so sad that in a day and age where every household has at least 1 animal in it and where animals are starting to take the place of children so to speak that there is still no set standard by a government body. I believe that anyone who owns or manages a petshop should have had some formal training into animals and should have the animals they recieve from breeders vet checked. They should also offer some contacts to new owners for forums like this one, veterinarians and sites that have been approved as a good source of information. There is an organization known as pet industry association of australia (PIAA) who seem to be doing a good job. Fortunetly there are sites like this one that are able to offer advice and share information from personal experinces and people like us who really do care and will continue to learn all we can about the creatures we own. I think it is fab that little Brandon is getting into birds and recongnizing the signs of ill health and what is not normal. I would be so very proud of him if he was my son and what a top bird owner he will be! I do hope that this women will listen to the information she was given by you and hope that she doesn't think that the person who sold it to her is a 'professional who knows what they are talking about'. And if you hear that this women has not changed her habits I would not hesitate for a minute to call the RSPCA although like NEAT said it's probably not her fault she was given the wrong information but now that she does have it heres hoping that she does take this information in as the bird deserves better. Also nearly all products sold in regards to diet will have a directions for use corner which clearly states how to introduce the food slowly and not to starve the animal. I would have actually asked the owner if she would eat soiled food as well but than again you'd probably have a harder time convincing her that what she is doing is not right.
  8. Love the avartar cute budgies
  9. Thanks Liv. I noticed that some people were already breeding and that's what got me thinking about whether or not I should start now. I know in the wild they breed after large amounts of rain which is what we've been having up in Queensland and thought that might have something to do with them feeling the need to breed.
  10. It sounds like it is scaly face. As Elly, Liv and Ikon said it's hard to tell without a picture. If I suspect scaly face mites I put some olive or vegetable oil on the apparent infected area. This seems to clear it up really well and is a relativly cheap way of doing this as most people cook in some kind of oil.
  11. Hi. Just wanted some thoughts on winter breeding. As I live at home my birds are not allowed 'anywhere but the aviary' lol. When I breed my birds they are placed in SECURE (aviary birds cannot enter the cage) breeding cages within the aviary itself. I usually don't begin breeding until late August-eary September but recently have seen 2 pairs of birds mating. I am unsure if I should place them in breeding cages with a nestbox. It has been down to 7 degree's C some mornings (although I am sure it is colder than what the weather men have been saying as during the week I start work a 3am lol) and would be concerened that with the cold will come probelms. Any thoughts?
  12. Can't wait to see the pics of the new birds. I've never been to an auction and I was all set to go to the BRASEA auction today at Lawnton but a couple of days ago I got phone call saying I had to go to work! Oh well next time maybe lol. What is the average price for a show bird at auctions?
  13. Like Liv wouldn't have a clue in regards to showing but I must say that your boy is stunning. The hen looks very pretty as well
  14. The possum is so cute. We get them in at work all the time and the career that collects them is so dedicated.
  15. I love that ad. It's right up there with the RACQ ads. My cockatiel Xandra is 2 1/2 years old and everytime I got up there I whistle to my birds and she started doing it about 1 year ago. She hasn't quite learned to talk yet just mimicking but it amazes me what sounds she picks up.
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