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  1. The options are fine **liv** thanks for the quick reply, I started to give them seed which I brought from a farm for about a year, I stopped because it looked plain (no colour in it like TRILL) it may be were this problem started, I don't know No mites or skin infections, He does have a mate with him a 2yr old female they get on fine in fact there outside at the moment chattering away to the wild life, they have a fly around the house most days when the family's in, trouble is I/we have to clean up after them whilst this is happening. Bored, he does play with bells & swing they can be very active, they also have a very large cage, When we are all out at work I leave the radio on for them, they do like noise if I turn on the carpet cleaner or turn up the radio they will start chripping loudly. He's not bonded to me but to my eldest son he can do anything he wants with him I only clean & feed them and take them to the vets when their ill ( sounds familar ) as for the social side they seem to get on okay sometimes they do decide to have a squabble but nothing serious. Do you give yours any thing else besides seed & water? Mick
  2. Thanks for the reply 'melbournebudgies' i'll try the veggies, is that dried egg you use?
  3. I have a 4yr old male budgie who has a problem, he has pecked most of his feathers out of his rear causing discomfort and unsteadyness.He drinks a lot of water, his poo okay but passes a lot of water, this sticks to the bottom of his tail feathers causing him to lose balance. took to vet said his diet may be at fault. he has clean water and seed ( trill ) every day. I stopped giving him lettuce because of the water content He also found that the new growth in feathers on his head where still hard and not opening up Can anyone help me I need to change his diet any ideas please? Mick
  4. Hi Norm, the fruit stick is a Avia Health Treat (Fruit & nut) I usually give them one a month I have given them Avol Mixture which over here is a remedy for poo problems, it seems to have worked their back to normal beak fighting over the toys and creating "holy ***" thanks for your input will take note of the lettuce thing. Hi Elly, I disfected all the toys and cage took me three hours, I gave them Johnson's Avol Mixture which over here is a medicine for the poo problem I have left out the lettuce as you & norm said and "hey presto" they are back to beak fighting and making lots of noise the tray bottom is looking as it should with no wet patches. just like to say thanks for your input, it's the first time I have used a forum like this one and Iam very impressed with the layout and members who contributed to the disscusion. Over here if your not in a club your on your own which is a shame, but that the British for you. Thanks once again. Mick
  5. Thanks Elly. I have change their sand paper this morning doesn't look to bad, they are a bit "groggy" yet as it still 7.00am I will look in on them later. will keep you informed. thanks Mick
  6. Any experts out there please, I have 2 budgies 1 x male 1 x female the male was very chatty then all of a sudden I noticed large amounts of poo and pools of what looks to be water on the sand paper, Iam changing the sheets every 2 days and the sheets stick to the tray when cleaning. The birds seem okay but it's like having a child you know when something's wrong, they have had lettuce and a fruit stick about 4 days ago along with their seed. I haven't given them more and Iam sticking with seed. I have had them for 3 years with no problems until now, can you help please. Mick
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