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  1. Congratulations to all who placed at this years nationals and well done to Victoria. Hopefully we (NSW) can take out 1st place next year.
  2. In my experience 1. These birds are doing well in large aviaries. (well the ones that I visit anyway) 2. If your aviary is built well enough then the birds should be able to get away from the draft. 3. Supplemental feeding should be a part of normal diet. 4. You cannot compare what we do in Australia to the rest of the world. Especially in the northern hemisphere breeders have internal flights that must be heated due to the much colder climate. This can also vary from state to state even in our own country. But I have heard that some of the better overseas breeders have birds that cannot fly properly for the very reasons you outline.
  3. I got my source from www.masterbreeder.com Chapter eight part one- When prevention fails. It has been a long time since I read this and after re-reading the chapter again last night I realised that the quote was taken from a book written in 1951. Well a lot of theories have changed since then so citrus may be good after all. Looks like my original quote has been squashed by the Mythbusters Interesting reading about drafts and its affect on birds in the same chapter.
  4. I remember reading somewhere that citrus is not good for budgies Oranges and other citrus fruits can cause indigestion and fits possibly leading to death.
  5. It seems to me that there is nothing wrong with your setup so you may want to look into their diet. Do you give your birds any shell grit? Birds can do without gravel or grit for short periods of time but if deprived of it for very long they will become sick.
  6. My diet does not change the birds in the flights recieve exactly the same as the breeders. So I guess I agree with KAZ.
  7. It looks like a cinnamon Hen from the photo. Any possibility the Dad is split cinny? If my eyes don't decieve me This may eliminate some pairs.
  8. You can buy fake eggs at any good pet store. Just replace them with the real eggs in the box and hopefully he will become dis-interested. You should also have a calcium block or cuttlefishbone in the cages to provide calcium. If he continues and you want something from him you can remove eggs before he gets to them and foster them.
  9. Hi Dave Long time no see. Some great birds, lets hope they produce for you. I hope to see some of them at the table shows later this year. Ivan
  10. Can you post photo's of their backs as well.
  11. Hi Mate, Hope I dind't scare you last month at the meeting . Get better soon and we hope to see you one day join our club when you are ready. Ivan
  12. As Kaz says it's down to personal choice and also available space. I have a nappy cage and keep my birds in there until they start to moult then move them to the main avairy as I dont have the space for a juvenile one and I dont separate the sexes. The most important thing is it works for me.
  13. It looks like you are trying to breed the trait of bird 2 (must be a super bird) into your stock. This is a good way to go about it providing the pairings dont double up on faults.
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