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  1. What a great bunch of budgies, they are all so cute!!!
  2. Hi Chirpy Philip looks like a she. I have heard that some female budgies do talk. She is adorable and seems to be very placid Your video is super!!
  3. Hi Clare and Boss When Pinocchio was a baby he liked playing with anything that made noises (like a bell) I found this calmed him when I was trying to tame him, also listening to the radio (Pinocchio likes talkback - abc). He also used to bite every so often, and he did grow out of this after a little while. I think patients is a virtue when taming budgies :yellowhead:
  4. Hi Everyone Just to let you know, Pinocchio's behaviour has changed for the better. He is extremely playful and full of charactor since I changed his cage and altered his food areas. I have not seen any regurgitation evidence for a little while now. It may be becuase the cage is too crowded Its fantastic!! I have taken a couple of photo's for you all. This is Pinocchio in his cage and to the right is some paper with food in it This is the food with a little hole in the top (its full of lentils, peas, carrots, brown rice, organic pasta etc) and as you can see by the floor covering, Im still using my 'lost' pamphlets I printed out when he flew away He wouldnt eat it at first, so I had to stick my head next to the food and pretend to eat (hmm.... yum) - yes that is my hair you can see http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc118/P...inocchio001.jpg This is what he generally does before he comes flying at you and lands on your shoulder Once again, thank you all for your help and advice It is wonderful to know that you can turn to a forum that is full of not only brilliant advice but also wonderful and caring people who will do anything to help, thanks again x
  5. Hi Great advice for all Budgiebum. That website is great with easy to follow instructions on what to feed etc. Im sorry to hear of your loss Mistyl.
  6. Thanks Libby. His favourite toy was his mirror and after taking that out he did move onto a plastic semi-reflective toy so I will certainly keep that in mind if he does do it again
  7. Hi Everyone When I came home yesterday Pinocchio seemed to be back to his normal self. He wasn’t regurgitating on his foot at all I put his little toy back into the cage and he went straight for it, regurgitating over the little love-heart at the bottom. I also put in branches so he had a variety of perches and went down to the shops to give him a special blend on nutritious cooked food as the forum suggested under the ‘food and nutrition’ section, then I wrapped it up in a paper towel and placed grass over it allowing a little opening so he could see the food inside. He just looked at it, but he might attempt something today….. normally if I put food to my mouth he would jump all over it, but possibly not with this because its quite large I will try something different tonight, but it all seems to be working Thanks everyone for all your help and advice, I will keep you posted and take some photos as well
  8. They are beautiful and their names suit them
  9. Hi Deb, thanks for that. Quite a few people had suggested it would stop his bordom and make him happy but after reading the thread on foraging I am going to try that, and Im looking forward to it too Another interesting thing, Pinocchio used to listen to talkback radio but when I moved him, I also changed his radio to an FM station. He seemed to quieten down a little after this and now he might be bored of FM.... I wonder if its time for classical WOW, what a load of fantastic information!! Here I was thinking that I will take out the toys that are making him do it, but its the absolute opposite!! Thanks heaps again Elly, Im looking forward to trying all these new foraging things tonight I will definately keep you all informed This is a quick snap of him.... http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc118/P...g
  10. Hey thats a brilliant idea!!! Soon as I go home I will do that, thanks Elly. I will look it up and follow the instructions He is out of his cage most of the time, for atleast a hour or more a day. He likes flying on the fridge to look at his reflection in the microwave and also on the carpet to pick up dirt and what-not. Maybe what I could also do is get him a bigger cage to put more stuff in it so his mind is stimulated and change it all the time like Kaz had suggested. I must say Pretty and Merlin are absolutely beautiful budgies, I am deeply sorry to hear Pretty had gone
  11. Hi Elly I think I will get him a playmate as a last resort. Sorry to be naive but what do you mean by food forging? He does it on his foot, which ends up in mounds on the perch and ground... which is really odd. Rarely on his toy, but I took that toy out last night
  12. Yes this is true, thanks Karen. I will see how he is tonight and let you know if minimising his cage with toys had helped
  13. I have rearranged his cage again and put him back into the lounge. I have also taken out another toy he got from Santa and this morning he seems to be better, crossed fingers this helps... I have heard that if he has a play mate he doesnt talk as much or sometimes at all?
  14. Hi Everyone Just to keep you informed, Pinocchio had a change of scenery, cage steamed cleaned (without him in it) and a complete re-style of his living conditions. He was absolutely fine for a few weeks, but now he has gone back into his regurgitating faze. I just don’t know what other options I have. Is there something similar to a 1/2 a bucket to put over his head, like cats and dogs get when they pick their stitchers?
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