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  1. shell


    Very pretty girl great pics
  2. Thanks daz i have 6 kids and have never heard of this "dust off" or nor have i heard of any of the other words for it i will pass this on to friends and family
  3. Have loads of fun and remember the pics
  4. What great pics libby love the wild flower just beautiful thanks for sharing
  5. My grandfather has a lot of hotrod classic cars their really beautiful cars the photos you have taking are great thanks for sharing shell
  6. Im sorry for you loss as for the worming i give all my birds a chillie once a year for worming
  7. Im sorry i couldnt watch the vid but she looks very pretty in the picture congrats
  8. beautiful budgies you have their i think Fragonard is very pretty
  9. boris is a good girl always very lovely
  10. wow very lucky and thanks for warning
  11. awww thats so cute well done charley cleaver boy
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