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  1. Yeah okay thanks for that - I read somewhere (not sure where), that budgies tend to go for the highest point for food, which made me think I have been doing it wrong for 2 years! The cage is wide also, I'll have to post some pics shortly. Well hopefully Charlie Murphie will start behaving, otherwise I'll separate them and have their seed at same level, and cage close together so he can learn to share. It will be a while before we know whether Charlie Murphie is girl/boy. I have heard that sometimes baby budgies can show the same behaviour as a female budgie? (ie bossy etc). We shall see. Thanks again. :hap:
  2. okay thanks for that. We rently brought this cage for the 2 of them, and it is very big. There are 4 food bowls built into the cage, so I might swap the seed bowls to the other side. I'm also wondering whether food bowls should be high or low in the cage? Still so much to learn! This site is fantastic for advice.
  3. Hi everyone, Well I'm in the second week of having my 2 budgies in the same cage, after about 2 months of quarantine. The newcomer, Charlie Murphie continues to be very bossy, in particular with the food ! I have put 2 of everything in the cage, however Charlie Murphie continues to chase Buddy away from it. I'm completely surprised as I thought if anything, Buddy would be doing this to Charlie Murphie. I'm still to determine whether Charlie Murphie is a female, he/she has blue cere but is a bit white around the nostrills. I will try and post a picture shortly. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? I'm wondering whether I should separate them again, and put cages next to each other (with food dishes at same height), which I had done previously. Any help would be must appreciated :hap:
  4. Thanks for that. Well that would explain a few things! That's funny you say that, my husband said the same thing, ie a girl is always bossy! Well I post a picture when i get home, i have taken a few photos, also got the video camera out for their first meeting, so cute! I don't really mind, as long as they are healthy. I guess I'll need to do some research with breeding season and what I should do. I would still like to do some more training for Charlie Muphie. The good thing is Buddy does not get territorial with us when we are around both of them, I guess that means we are part of the flock too! I will post some photos soon. I used to have a picture of buddy when I logged into my account, however I'm not sure what I have done! chat soon
  5. Cool yeah the cage is massive with plenty of toys etc...2 seed bowls, 2 waters, they are also eating crumble which is really good. They Charlie Murphie's cere is a light blue and I noticed a bit of white around the nostrils...would this mean a girl?
  6. Hi everyone, I know it's been a while since i have been on, however i have been having problems with my internet. Well, good news Buddy finally has a healthy friend! We have had our new baby, "Charlie-Murphie" in quarantine for 3 months as he had to have treatment for a bacteria infection etc and were waiting on results for beak and feather test. We finally got the all clear last week and on the weekend we made the introductions. I must say after 3 months of these guys talking to each other (from opposite ends of the room), it is a relief they are finally together. At first I put them out together outside the cages, where Buddy did a little ritual dance for Charlie Murphie, then I put both in Charlie Murphy's cage and then the same for Buddy's cage. They are now in the one cage. Buddy absolutely loves Charlie Murphie, however Charlie Murphie seems to be a bit pushy towards Buddy. We have had Buddy for 2 years and he is very close to us. At first, Charlie Murphy was pushing Buddy away from the seed dishes (there are 2 food dishes). He has stopped doing that now, however he still seems to be a bit bossy towards Buddy. I'm just so curious as to why Buddy doesn't stick up for himself as much, he is such a confident little bird! They seem to be a lot different when they are out of the cage, however Charlie Murphie can't fly well yet as we had his wings clipped when we first got him. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I guess the main thing is they are not fighting
  7. Hi, yeah that sounds right, i think it's "Psittacinie", and it is caused by Circovirus, and i think it attacks their immune system, and if they do not produce antibodies to fight it, they don't have much time, lose feathers and can have beak deformities. there is no way I am putting this bird in with my other bird, it's too risky. I'm taking him back to the vet tomorrow to sort out options. Even if he does recover, I think he will still be a "carrier" of the virus, so I'm really not sure what to do with this little guy, it's so sad they can't ever be in the same cage :rip:.
  8. Hi Karen, Thanks for that, I'm just upset that this little one can't be in the same cage as our other bird. I'll check out the info, Thanks
  9. Hi all, I have had a budgie for about 1 year, and decided to get him a friend. The new budgie is only about 6 weeks old, i took him straight to the bird specialist to undergo various tests, worming etc. They have been in quantine for 3 weeks, until tests results come back. Unfortunatley, the new bird's test for beak and feather disease has come back positive, it's very upsetting! I'm waiting to go back to specialist in a few days time to sort out options, but I know that it's just not possible to have both birds together, because the new one is shedding the virus. Has anyone else had this sort of experience?
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