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  1. Hi Patrick, Thank you for the great read. I have just finished reading this thread from page 1 through to page 16 and really enjoyed it! One thing that really made me laugh was that like so many of us on here we started out with a small number of birds, which in your case was 66 only to now have in the region of some 230+ its amazing how a good breeding season with a few buy in's can increase a flock :-) Congratulations on your achievements to date with your birds. Oh by the way your Appleton cock bird that you got was a great score, the Appleton's are in my club and have a great history o
  2. Hi everyone Can you please answer a question in regards to putting spangle and opaline together! I put together a DF yellow spangle hen with a cobolt opaline cock! I got 4 babies from the pair! 2 grey green spangle and 2 grey spangle, the problem with the babies is they look like they are carrying opaline markins as well. Why is it that some of the babies look more like spangle's and the others look like they are more spangle opaline's http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee279/p...nebabies002.jpg http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee279/p...nebabies001.jpg I know that
  3. Thanks Kaz will do that! I wanted to try for 2 meters as that is the height of the fence and where we are building sheds etc are not allowed to go above fence line unless they have sub-divison permision, and I aint going there!
  4. okay so the plans are as follows, I have drawn them up but I have no idea as to how I get them up on here! Any way I am looking at doing an upside down L shaped avairy with the flight being 5 meters long and 2 wide this with the bottom part of the L, off of this will be the breeding room being 4 meters long and 2 wide. I would like the only door into the avairy to be through the breeding room to act as a bird lock. I want the aviary to be only wired at the front, with a roll down blind to help in cooler months/windy weather. the breeding room also only wired half way down from the roof with
  5. thanks for the sugestions Kaz, I have looked in to some of these already! I would love to be able to try my hand at a few of these things but I am totally inept when it come to tools, unless I want to loose a finger or hand or perhaps a leg! I think that I am the only male on earth who looks at a tool of some sort and starts bleeeding! yet throw me in the kitchen at work and I can cook you up a 7 course meal that would blow your mind! ( oh sounds like I love myself there)
  6. Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone knows of someone in Melbourne that can build aviaries to spec and for a reasonable price! I need it to be built in kit form as we are renting whilst we build our own place and want it to be easy to move when we finally move in! I have spoken to a few people that advertise on the likes of e-bay and trading post, but they seem to quote crazy prices! and I know they are crazy as they build similar to what I want in a chook pen but try to charge me an extra couple of hundred dollars to cut off the laying box's. If anyone can help I would be extremly greatf
  7. GB, I would be more than willing to help you with choice of Cock bird to put with her, I can also talk to the Caulfieds and see what else they have that they are going to be selling, I know that they have some more birds going into another auction this weekend, not sure what they are but I do know that the auction historicaly has bigger price's on the birds.I have PM'd you my number if you want to have a chat about where you want to go with your lines.
  8. Hey GB, Congrats on the Caulfield Bird I must say that she was the One Bird that I really really wanted from that line but I couldnt get to the auction and I didnt want to hassel anyone out to get her for me, wish had now I was willing to go to $60 for her. She is the half sister to the Hen of mine that got away, then broke into the police station, i will be ringing Pam in a minute to talk her! By the way the sister that I have is a Yellowface blue/grey Spangle. That line comes from a good diploma winning line. I will make you a deal, Ill give you the offspring of your choice for a swap of th
  9. Hi Guys, thanks for reading! I am still over the moon with the return of these two, the hen that was doing the B & E at the police station is now looking much better, three days on the loose trimmed off any excess fat that she was carrying but with an increase in oats and millet sprays she is starting to look better, The cock that got away was only away for one night and spoilt rotten whilst away, he is now into a moult, eating like a little piggy and chasing all the girls around the avairy, when the moult is over and he finally catches his Hen he wil be heading back to the breeding room!
  10. Hey guys, Just thought that I would share this strange little incident that happened today! On Friday last week I lost a few budgies due to strong winds and the neighbours silly cat, but that is by the by. I lost 10 birds in total and was devastated, it topped if the worst day in months. Any way one of the birds flew directly across the road to the neighbours and was promptly caught, placed in a wicker sewing basket with a artist paint brush perch a bowl of water and some seed from safeway, which by the way even though it is mostly millet, he seems to devour!!!!! The strangest thing w
  11. A what G ???????????????????? I dont know weather to be flattered or insulted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should see alittle more sun, then I will look like a propper maori. I think I will go and put on my tan snake skin loafers, blue armani jeans, white shirt, a thicker gold chain and brush my chest chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. BL13, sorry to hear about the lose of those two, which two were they??? Jimmy, Tell your wife that she wasnt the only "black" person there, I tried to give her the traditional polly greeting, but she looked alittle uncomfortable! I was the light "black" Maori guy sitting on the edge lol, you guys should look at coming to one of our meets, they are really relaxing, and if you sit back and listen, you get to learn a few things! You even get a laugh out of some of the older breeders! There is one Thursday 26th starting at 8pm, there will be a small club show on, and one of the breeders is goi
  13. Hey Adam, Its strange that they missed that, but if you give the ring number to G or myself we will be able to track it down for you! I know alot of the breeder ring codes, as I have been updating our breeding records of birds that have been bought by us! The only time that we may run into a slight hick up is if the ring code is just a BCV code then number, That requires the involvement of the ring register, makes things alittle harder! PM me with the details and Ill see what we can find!
  14. Hi, Just if anyone is interested the club the Angelic Vampyre, MelbourneBudgies, Budgielover13 and myself belong to, is holding its annual auction on Saturday the 21st March, PUBLIC VIEWING 9.00am to 10.20am Birds will be available from successful Victorian and Interstate breeders. AUCTION COMMENCES 10.30am Enquiries James Bader - 0413 159 305 or Ron Cook – 0488 066 652 ST. PETER’S ANGLICAN CHURCH HALL (next to Box Hill Town Hall) 1030 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill. Breeder details & catalogue on website
  15. Hey Nova how is the little cutie going today!
  16. Thanks for the vote of confidence Libby, I was getting worried as the hatching date for the eggs is comming up, and I am still alittle worried at these times.
  17. Hi Guys, This may seem like a strange question and I cannot find any info on the matter of miss shapen eggs. I currently have a hen sitting on 5 eggs, 3 of wich are fertile, but my concern is that they are a strange shape, she had no issues with laying them, actually she was like clock work, 4.30 every afternoon. 2 of the fertile eggs look like they should but instead of having a nice curved smaller end, it ends in a sharp point, the third fertile egg is perfectly ROUND, it literally looks like a marble!!!! My main concern is will the chicks be able to hatch normally? The eggs are other
  18. Hi Pearce I would say that your budgie is definatly French Moult, The main reason that I say this is that with a feather duster budgie, the bird grows feathers that curl and continue to grow without stopping as a normal bird's feathers stop. There is an article that was written by Mavis Metcalf in regards to the feather duster budgie where she also has a link to a page of pics of birds with the feather duster disorder. Mavis Metcalfs article :The article Pictures of the Feather Duster can be found at this site:Feather Dusters I hope this links help
  19. oh no Kaz remember you have no idea what you are talking about, the bird that MR KNOWSOMUCH sold was definatly a grey green, there is no way that someone of his age and knowledge could make and error of this type :rofl: , my goodness we should all bow to the infinete wisdom of the MIGHTY KNOWSOMUCH :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Its no wonder that you couldnt get those babies out of those parents, the genetic composition of the two would in no way throw those babies, apart from the fact that the father must be a yellow face green :rofl:
  20. lol Kaz I am not sure about those babies, I think that I will have to fly all the over to WA to bring them and the babies back to Vic to do a very closely monitored breeding experiment with them! I would love to get those Genes in my avairy!!!!! Please Mr I knowsomuch, Envy is a curse and jealousy is much worse and childish behaviour will get you NO where in life. Kaz thank you sharing your experience and knowledge with us and keep up the great work, we can all rely on you to give us a truthful and honest answer. P
  21. Hey Liv, How are all your little beauties going to date?
  22. Congrats on your first egg, I hope all goes well for you!
  23. Hey Budgielover, how are you progressing with the new set up now? Any new pics?
  24. Congrats on the babies, you must be so so so so so so so so so so happy.
  25. Sunny thet are simply stunning, congrats on these little treasures!!!