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  1. shaunx


    From my experience and as you well already maybe know budgies have a really poor sense of smell, i would wait till most of the smell is gone then relocare it back but move it to another room for the time being, the saying goes Best to be safe than sorry even if it may not do harm
  2. 100% Male Yes, i was bored enough to go threw the downloading process
  3. You miss read Shaun....he is dead Well i've been getting a lack of sleep and i skip words when reading sometimes mate Sorry to hear that, It's horrible to lose a budgie speicaly like that my regards
  4. Whoa thats the worst looking attack i've seen, poor bugger, man hens can be nasty least his alive kaz All the best.
  5. Oh good idea, we had a ladder mite put it back up Only reason we removed it because we had a rat hanging around the avairy at the time Thanks Kaz
  6. thank you norm because i do spoil my budgies giving them nice treats i just red up on it myself well ill just hope for the best the mother and father should beable to look after for afew more weeks or a month if not probably going to have them on the ground seeing as they can eat you said "most recovered"?, what did you do with the ones that didnt? just so im prepared for the worst.
  7. Oh really, yeah they're falling out pretty easy, here are afew pictures, BUT 2 of the babies didn't have this problem... baby 1 (3 days younger than the second 4weeks5days old)1, The face is fully featherd By The Way but yeah. 2nd baby one feather in this picture looks like it's about to come out, this was the one that lost like 4-5 feathers when it fluttered it's wings chest is fully featherd and head seems to be the wings and tale with the most effect, this one has only started this loesing of feathers recently if you need more pictures ill take more tomorrow it's gettign dark now Thanks kaz
  8. I noticed today when i brought out one of my baby budgies from the breeding box when it flapped it's wings about 5-6 feathers fell out and the younger baby is worse, is it the mother pruning/preening them too much? shes in there alot lately with the babies i brought a product today if anyone owns this product or has one similar how long does it take to take effect? i dont want grown dwellers or i would of just got some quails, i prayed the box the babies and the mother and father, his got a crusty cene i dont know if that could be due to the loss of feathers, it could be a number of things, they're about 5weeks old.
  9. I've had an experience like this befor kinda, keep us updated, hope everything is okay... It's very stressful for owner and hens, im changing my metho after the hens have their 3-4month break, the seperate breeing cage seems the way to go.
  10. It's a budgie that is going out of condition.
  11. Do you have any pictures, That would be great :rip:
  12. Here is a updated picture i ust took moments ago i couldnt do it outside because it's dark, the markings are very small and slight, hopefully your eyesight can pick it up :rip: mite do another picture another time By The Way shes doing fantasticly well she's a little fluffy angel :hap: love having my own bred pet from my own backyard it's just like home grown veggies :feedbirds:
  13. The father looks amazing, lovely looking bird.
  14. http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb306/m...icture004-1.jpg these are old pictures, this mother is not on more eggs :budgiedance: Father http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb306/m.../Picture411.jpg the dom pied on the left his being treated for crusty cene atm.
  15. this is of the other baby, im learning on types (semi-chest shot) It's got the markings of a dom pied? it's hard taking pictures of a wiggling worm. (4 weeks 3 days old and flying -Kinda (Face) i thinking a girl?. (Wing) Faint spangle markings? Back #2 Normal picture We're making this as our pet also, the parents of this clutch are so sweet natured and they're both my favorite birds :budgiedance: can someone clear me up with this info? thanks Shaun.
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