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  1. Just thought I'd stop by and say hello to everyone, but I see that many of the names I do not recognize. Not many oldies from my days one here - no Neat, JimmyBanks, deb, MB or AV? I wish I had more time to come on here and chat but this year has been out of control. Our 13 year old with Aspergers started high school and I'm called to his school several times a week to deal with him still after 3 terms he is not coping. The other 4 boys have had more than there fair share of troubles this year also so I don't get much time to myself. We've still got budgies but have down size them into a slightly smaller avairy and have been trying to sell the big avairy on ebay. Have sold it twice on there but the first buyer changed her mind after the auction ended and the second buyer I have not been able to contact. So it sits there doing nothing in our way. I haven't done any breeding this year after last year's catastrophe with red mites in the nest boxes, we lost a lot of babies and some adults too. I might give it another try next year, time permitting. Great to come on here and chat even if it's just for a little while
  2. Does anybody know if there is anywhere online that sells Ivermectin. I have run out and spent the last hour ringing 35 vets within a 50 km radius of me and none of them will sell it over the counter. I don't see why I should have to take my bird to them to get it and pay a consultation fee when I know what it needs to treat scaley face...grrr
  3. They are so gorgeous Love the blue colors.
  4. Sorry to hear that you lost your little babies Sunnie I hope your last little one grows up strong and healthy
  5. I haven't been able to buy Passwell's brand anywhere, I have a couple of other stores to try. I haven't heard of the other 2 brands but will look out for them, thanks.
  6. Thanks Jimmy, he is a real little doll, very cuddly and placid. One of my favourites.
  7. I am having problems with the hand rearing formulas that I have tried, they keep getting little bits caught in the end of the crop needle blocking it unless I sift the formula and then it means that I throw half of it away. Vetafarms Neocare is the best out of the 2 I have tried but I am having to sift that too. The other I tried was Avian Science Hand rearing formula for baby birds, this was really bad as it has bread crumbs in and they are to big to go through the crop needle so I have to sift that and waste about 2/3rd's of the packet.
  8. I'm to old to remember! Are you looking forward to Christmas?
  9. This photo is just so adorable If you are desperate to know the sexing I do what people do to pregnant women with a needle on a piece of cotton. You turn the budgie upside down making sure you keep the legs out of the way hold the needle on the cotton over the vent and if it swings back and forth then it's a boy and if it goes in circles then it's a girl. I have had 100% success rate with this method and yes I know how stupid it sounds but it works
  10. Just an updated photo of 'Tess', she is 3 weeks old now.
  11. Legs are splayed, have had a splint on them for 4 days. Limbs don't appear to be weak and he flaps his wings a lot?? I thought it might be lack of calcium but he is the only one in a clutch of 8 to be like this. I have been giving him a drop of calcivet with his morning feed. Finally got to take some different angle photos today. And one last frontal of 'Cherokee'
  12. You would be sadly missed, each and everyone of us here on BBC add to the community of helpful, friendly and loving people that make it what it is.
  13. It just hangs there, it doesn't move when he moves the top part of the wing. Can't feel any bones sticking out or abnormal looking from the underside it just doesn't sit right. It kept getting caught in it's splayed legs before I put a splint on them, maybe it has been caught on the leg or something? I'll try and take some different angle pictures on the weekend when I can grab someone else to hold him for me.
  14. Yes Daz, this is what I thought and what I have discussed with him and he wants to study the anatomy of the budgie before he would feel comfortable giving it another go. We have been to town today looking for a book with budgie anatomy in but can't find one anywhere. Thanks to everyone for their kinds thoughts and wishes regarding this matter. Dylan has cheered up a little as he got a phone call telling him that he has got a job for over the school holidays, good money too which he liked the sound of.
  15. How fantastic for you, you are very lucky I want a Digital SLR but I just can't justify the cost of it with 5 growing boys as hard as I try maybe one day?
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