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  1. Hi My name is Sean, I am having trouble with one of my hens. My other hen when she lays eggs rarley never goes out of the nest box, she is always incubating. But hte other one sits on them every now and again. She sits on them at night but most of the time through the day she just sits on the breeding box pearch and after a while just decides to kick the eggs out. What is going on. :greenb:
  2. Hi my name is sean and I was just wondering how do you get into showing. and how do you get bands. I live in Bundaberg qld area can someone help me. And even though this is off the subject how do I get known on forum. I am fairly new. And I want to make some fellow budgie friends on this forum.
  3. Hi my name is sean I was just wondering what are these budgie clubs everyone keeps talking about. And how do i go about joining one. Also are there breeder disscussion or group talks that you can attended. I live in Bundaberg qld. Also what about being a show breeder. Also the rings you put around the budgies ankles how do you get these. Thanks for your help .Sean
  4. Hello my name is sean and i was just wondering if anyone new of foods that are good to feed your budgerigars as a so caled Aphrodisiac as I have had trouble with breeding with eggs being chucked out time and time again. I have increassed next boxes and would like to try again. So what are some foods. Or do you have any advice to help me out breeding. I am a colony breeder well not yet but hope to be. Thankyou :budgiedance:
  5. One of my hens looks in the breeding box where another one of my hens is nesting and i saw her once pull on her tail feathers wat could this be. I ddont know if this is scraing the hen into not laying or sitting on her eggs. Also how do you get the pics under your user name like you have the cat with the toilet paper I hope my breeding works out.
  6. How is breeding in a collony harder my friend breeds collony style and has no problem. Do you think I will be succesfull. I Hope so
  7. Hello My budgies have not seem to have bred they they mate and everything but keep kicking eggs out. It mite be that I had 4 boxes nd 5 pair maybee wasnt enough but luckyly i made some more and now there are nine. But i am realy starting to get sick of them kicking the eggs out. I have not had 1 baby :ausb: . Hopefuly more breeding boxes will help anyone know what is going on or wat I can do to Finally get some babies of my own. Pls help
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