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  1. Thanks! ill leave them a little longer and see what happens.
  2. Hi, Just trying to establish the sex of these 2 budgies 100%. I think it's been agreed that the yellow pied is a hen coming into condition. However, i'm lost still on the blue. Is it definitely a male or no? He bobs his head and feeds the yellow but some think its a hen. image uploading site how to print screen on pc upload images free img host
  3. Thanks! I thought so. What about the blue one? Is it a male or no?
  4. It is the yellow one that is showing interest in the box. And the blue one that i've seen bopping its head and feeding the yellow one. The cere on the yellow appears to be going a darker brown colour. i've taken some more pics which are clearer. upload a gif screen shot windows 7 free screen capture uploadimage
  5. Hi, yes ill upload the photo's now. Some people are now saying that they are two hens so i'm very confused! posted image gifs upload picture upload adult picture hosting
  6. Hi all, over the last 2 months i've paired together a new pair of budgies. They are both over 2 years old and are fed on a great diet. They have cuttlebone and fresh vegetables available to them at all times along with their seed mix, millet and I also give them egg mix. Over the last week, the female has been showing great attention to the nest box. She is focused on it all day and spends her entire time inspecting the hole and putting her head in and out whilst also going inside the box for periods of maybe 1 minute long and then coming out again and then going back in etc etc. However, when the male tries to go next to the box when she's inside she immediately comes out and then chases the male away. The male feeds her, but i've never seen them perch close to each other or preen each other. It seems the only interaction they have is the male feeding her pretty consistently throughout the day. Also, despite her great interest in the box, neither of them appear to be coming into condition. Male cere is still light blue and hers has remained the normal colour. Do you guys think that this pair isn't a match, or does it appear as though they are heading towards the right direction?
  7. Thank's alot. I've coverd the nest box hole so there is no way they are going in there I'm going to move them in the aviary soon also. It is raining here today so i won't be able to today. The bonded pair are going really good, preening, kissing, male alway's feeding here so they are going great. Hopefully the male will get the idea that the female is who he is suppose to mate with not the wire :hap: Also another question, what do you use for bedding? When I bred tiel's I used wood shaving's... Is this okay for Budgies also? I was reading on the net and alot of the sites said to put some newspaper in the nest box and on the bottom of the the cage.. Although I have never heard of them bulding there nest so I wasn't sure as to wether or not this was correct?
  8. Kaz, thankyou alot for that info, i really didn't think that a 9 month old hen would try to mate even in this short time! I am going right now to cover the nest box, thank's. Do you think it is okay to leave the other pair's box open? They are 12 month's old, well that is what the breeder said.
  9. I'm trying to breed the bonded pair. Not the other 2, they were only put together 3 day's ago.. I didn't worry about covering the nest box hole as i was sure that they were not going to breed for a while as i just introduced them together and she is still too young. I'm leaving them in there for a week or two then moving them in the aviary.
  10. Yep i know. I don't plan on breeding them yet. I am just letting them bond in there for a week or 2 then they are going in the aviay with no breeding box until she is at least 1 year old.
  11. K will do Kaz, thank's! The violet hen is 9-10 month's old. The male in the bonded pair is is feeding the hen so i'm guessing that's a good sighn? still up to his trick's with the wire, must be something about that wire
  12. The perches don't move at all. I am trying to get thicker one's but I can't get them to get in the back through the wood, that's why i added the calcium perches. Which hen are you talking about Kaz?
  13. Thanks for the mutation Info. I don't think it need's attention as of yet but if he continues I may have too.
  14. Gorgeous addition's!
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