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  1. Daniel in your 40 years of breeding, with over 500 birds, I would have thought you would have seen that many times. :ausb: yes i know it does sound bad but because i have a large aviariy the birds are afriad of me but no one else but me so when i go near they fly right to the top of the cage and i did know that there beak goes crusty when ready to breed but never seen this with my other birds. My daughter noticed it last week.
  2. Would it be a new budgie or have you had it for awhile? Try giving him a little night light, birds do not have great night vision. It happened to one of mine once i just put a small night lamp on and after a few weeks he wasn't as afraid.
  3. Hello thanks for the replys and **KAZ** on one of the post i replied and said that that wasn't me that was my son when he was on my account don't know how he got my password. Daz that was the first set but i pushed reply instead of edit button and i don't really have a breeding room i just have a few nesting boxes i knocked up and the rest are just from the birds nesting in some of the hollow trees witch i didn't want them to do but i guess its natural. :ausb:
  4. okay i think i finally got the pictures to work and i can't get photo's of the whole cage because there are many buildings and trees around it and you can't see anything just trees shrubs and buildings.
  5. Wow thats some great cage, the saftey room is the same as mine but none have flyed in there they are sacerd of it. I really like the budgies on top of the cage.
  6. Yes it is 4 blocks put together. It took nearly a year to build but it was worth it i actullay turn it into a place for people to walk through and feed the birds. I go through heaps of bird seed
  7. thank you and yes they are dream aviaries took long time to build too (Laughing out loud). Might be awhile intill pictures because the camare has got problems and only taking black photo's. Sorry about my last post with the size thing with 50x and so that was my son.
  8. okay i will try but she doesn't like photo's and the others will get in the way but i will try as hard as i can. More info on beak it is gotton smaller all the lumps. Well It was all good luckily my neighbor is a expert with budgies and she said that it is not scaly mite it was just because she was ready to breed because it was her bird and she said that always happens. But thank for the help. :angel1:
  9. Yes it is large i have a 50x80x30x50x20 meters for the small one and the larger way bigger. P.S cost my dad a fortune (Laughing out loud). But least the budgies are happy
  10. budgie_dude

    My Aviaries

    Hi all i'm new but not new to budgies in these pictures these are some of my massive aviaries they have been kept in this for over 40 years now and had lots of babies. In these aviaries there are budgie, canarys, lots of kinds of finches, Cockatoo's, lots of big parrots, doves, love birds and small pigeons haven't had any fighting or killing from the birds at all. Sorry if pictures too big i don't know how to resize them so if you could do it it will be much appericeadted. Thanks,Daniel
  11. Hello i have been breeding budgie for a long time now and just came across this great website but i have a question, one of my females has a crusty type nostrel i just noticed it today and i think its to do with breeding just making sure so just tell me if this is the case. Thanks, Daniel
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