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  1. Sel is cobalt grey and violet, its mother's grey and its father was violet green, and I believe that Sel inherited the two factor, grey and violet, I sometimes see it like grey and sometimes see it like violet, but I've never see it like only mauve. Saludos and thanks...
  2. 3 years!!! I've bought it adult because I only want breed with it and achieve more big chicks but with Australian aspect. Saludos...
  3. My new budgie, its name's Lodgy, it's a yellow-face type II sky blue and it's a English budgie (I still don't know if you name like that). Saludos...
  4. okay thanks. I've got a doubt, can any moderator or administrator edit the post, I think that they can do it but I don't know, if so I want to send my edition to the administrators/moderators my edition so they can change it, if they can. Saludos...
  5. Thanks for yours comments, I'll try show you all the pictures in a correct size and I want show you my new budgie too, it's a English budgie (we say in Spanish Periquito Inglés), I mean, it's a budgie a lot more big and a lot more big headed. I hope show you and repair all soon. Saludos... I edit because I can't edit the other posts, Can someone explain me why I can't?? Thanks...
  6. Thanks for your comments, I'm going to show you some brood's pictures... Carrie & Lub -----> Shy, Crits and Litt http://fotos.subefotos.com/294e64310307718...4dee2e400fo.jpg http://fotos.subefotos.com/294e64310307718...4dee2e400fo.jpg http://fotos.subefotos.com/6fb84e54c434e43...244e3bed58o.jpg http://fotos.subefotos.com/6fb84e54c434e43...244e3bed58o.jpg http://fotos.subefotos.com/bc9008bcde14e9c...4bbb36b8d0o.jpg]http://fotos.subefotos.com/bc9008bcde14e9c...4bbb36b8d0o.jpg http://fotos.subefotos.com/bc9008bcde14e9c...4bbb36b8d0o.jpg http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/8615/a2d9...fa85dedefj9.jpg]http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/8615/a2d9...fa85dedefj9.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/9/d/9d030892.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/4/e/4e8ffaac.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/0/6/06289c58.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/2/8/284e3d72.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/3/2/324db0bf.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/b/4/b4163a07.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/a/0/a05eddc8.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/8/a/8a4916a0.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/9/3/93bba2fb.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/d/4/d48215d1.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/6/e/6e496fa6.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/1/b/1b42e59a.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/8/d/8d674138.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/4/c/4c8f0e20.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/2/b/2b9f641a.jpg Saludos... and I'll put in another reply the Yell & Lost' children...
  7. Hola y bienvenido a la web. Tus periquitos son muy bonitos. Your Spanish is good. Saludos...
  8. okay, in Spanish if there are masculine and feminine objects the plural is always masculine therefore my mistake; How do you say it in English??? Saludos... and thanks for your explanation...
  9. In Spanish the blue's and green's kinds are: Green: Césped --> Grass: No dark factor Laurel --> Laurel: One dark factor Oliva --> Olive: Two dark factors and Blue: Cielo --> Sky: No dark factor Cobalto --> Cobalt: One dark factor Malva --> Mauve: Two dark factors I wanted say clear-wings, it isn't a greywings jejeje. I know that but why do you think that I've said Llamp is a male?? Saludos...
  10. Name: Lea Sex: Female Albino Other mutation: NO Curiosities: It only has got a leg. Name: Llamp Sex: Female Lutino Other mutation: Dominant pied Saludos... -------- This budgie isn't a cremino, it's a double spangle yellow-face. Saludos...
  11. Name: Carrie Sex: Female Colour: Green Other mutations: Opaline Saludos...
  12. What kind of names are that?? I want learn about the budgerigars' different names and thanks you for your comment. Saludos...
  13. Hello, I write from Spain to you, and I've arrive because I found another Spanish user who I knew already jeje (in Spanish jejeje is like hahaha English, I believe). I’m going to introduce to all budgerigars which I’ve had since 2005: -Carrie (Dilute grass green opaline): http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/f/5/f587bfd7.jpg]http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/f/5/f587bfd7.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/2/4/24788dce.jpg]http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/2/4/24788dce.jpg Its couple, Lub (Grey-wings sky blue opaline). They two died while I was in holiday the past October. http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/a/9/a9cf3917.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/c/0/c0b8cbfe.jpg -Their sons (they tree was sold the past summer): Shy (Grey-wings grass green opaline) http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/1/4/14fffe13.jpg Crits (Dilute grass green opaline) http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/5/8/58bac9f1.jpg Litt (Grey-wings grass green opaline) http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/b/a/ba7366fa.jpg - My two hens (in Spanish is “hembra”): Lost (Dominant pied cobalt blue opaline with grey factor), I'm going to sell it because I've had a lot of problem with its aggressive character: http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/f/3/f32321c7.jpg]http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/c/d/cd26b769.jpg Lea (Albino), it hasn’t a leg (A pet shop gave me): http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/5/d/5db950b6.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/5/4/54fb60b9.jpg -Yell (Light-wings laurel green violet). It run away two weeks ago, I still felt very sad http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/4/b/4b089427.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/0/5/05191d87.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/f/4/f44494f9.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/3/e/3ed6968c.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/3/2/3247b2ad.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/4/c/4c736281.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/f/a/fa568647.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/8/e/8e97db9a.jpg - My last purchase, Rain (Clear-wings cobalt blue opaline); I bought it when it had scaly face (I believe that this is the name for the "ácaros" in Spanish) and its aspect wasn't the best... Pictures when Rain arrived... http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/8/5/85a8f2b7.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/2/5/258c1cd7.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/0/2/02990a0a.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/e/e/ee35b19a.jpg Rain actually... http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/e/f/ef38cdea.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/4/8/4836a088.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/b/0/b06faf80.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/d/4/d4e3bac6.jpg - Two surviving chicks (its clutch was 7 eggs, all they hatched but only they two have growing up)... They're Yell & Lost's sons Sel (Dominant pied cobalt blue with grey and violet factor): http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/2/1/21da4fac.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/3/1/3150be24.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/5/9/595c4899.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/d/7/d70d29ef.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/0/4/04129459.jpg Llamp (Dominant pied lutino): http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/7/6/76c24021.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/5/b/5b9cd3e3.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/d/8/d8393bd9.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/0/9/095eba63.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/f/3/f3b0e616.jpg http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/9/0/9025e43b.jpg - And finally, two males which died almost two years ago: Looke (Normal cobalt blue): http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/7/2/72c1c0bd.jpg And Lukas (Normal laurel green): http://fotos.miarroba.com/fotos/9/4/94b607fc.jpg Saludos... and sorry for my English, if you don't understand tell me please and I'll try explain you in a best way
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